Monday, August 31, 2009

My Top 50 songs(English)

Since I am putting up lists after list,how can Music be left behind??

This is a list of my all time favorite songs. You can say it's a version 1.0 as this list will be further refined when I am reminded of my other favorite songs. Till then, Keep Smiling and yes, Keep Listening !!

I seriously recommend you all to listen to songs listed here. They are truly priceless.

P.S: The songs are in a random order. I rate them all equally[Though I may love one more than the other. :) ]

1. Woman - John Lennon

2. Crash into me- Dave Matthews Band

3. Let there be Love- Oasis

4. Wild World- Cat Stevens

5. Under the bridge- Red Hot Chilli Peppers(RHCP)

6. Lithium- Nirvana(God Bless!!!)

7. Thunderstruck- AC/DC

8. Free Bird- Lynard Skynard(I Love it like I love this blog)

9. Too much of anything- The WHO

10. Jealous Guy- John Lennon

11. Spitleaf- Zero

12. If I could fly- Joe Satriani Sir(Too Good!!)

13. Rubina's Blue sky Happiness- Joe Satriani Sir

14. Yesterdays- Switchfoot

15. Innocent Again- Switchfoot

16. 24- Switchfoot

17. Jesus of Subarbia- Green Day

18. Warning Sign- Coldplay

19. Yellow- Coldplay

20. Alive- Pearl Jam

21. November Rain- Guns N Roses

22. Wish you were here- Pink Flyod

23. Creep- Radiohead

24. Last Kiss- Pearl Jam

25. With or Without you- U2

26. All that matters- Mark Knofler

27. Fields of Gold- Sting( AWESOME AWESOME!!!)

28. Brown Eyed Girl- Green Day

29. Stand with me- Creed

30 Like a Stone- Audioslave

31. The most evolved- James Clarke(Video available on the post,"Spanish Guitar")

32. Love Re'ign O'ver me- The WHO

33. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

34. Linger- The Cranberries

35. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

36. I am not okay- My Chemical Romance

37. Everybody Hurts- REM(tHREE AWWESUM VIDEO!!)

38. I want to hold your hand- The Beatles(Simply Love this song!)

39. Can I hold you tonight?- Tracy Chapman

40. Words- Boyzone version

41. Bittersweet symphony- The Verve

42. Time of your Life- Green Day

43. Every Breath you take- Sting

44. Freedom- Jeff Wahl

45. Jealous Guy- John Lennon

46. Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional(DBC) [1 of my all time favs]

47. Gifts and Curses- Yellowcard. [1 of my all time favs]

48. Open Skies- Parikrama[3 good violin played]

49. Romeo & Juilet- Mark Knofler [Especially if you are a guy, I recommend this song over all the others]

50. When I see you smile- Firehouse

......And those who just missed the cut in version 1.0 .......

Slave to Love- Bryan Ferry

I'M Yours - Jason Marz ( I was tempted to put this song in the top 50 but it lost out to Song No.26)

O Saya- A R Rehman

Every Breath you take- Sting

Here is Gone- Goo Goo Dolls

Brothers in Arms- Mark Knofler

The Mystical Potato Groove head thing- Joe Satriani Sir

Coming back to life- Pink flyod

Wish you were here- Incubus

Take care.

Still keep smiling, still keep listening. :)

I realize...

It takes time for some,
To realize they were wrong,
Though forgiven,they feel,
They don't belong;

He begs & says a sorry,
To the one he has hurt,
Apologies,for all the things,
He unnecessary blurt.
And constantly make an effort,
To love her more everyday,
To provide her all the comfort,
This world has to offer,
And ready to surrender,
To her love...
And fight if need be,
With the heavens above;
His heart feels the remorse,

For all the hallucinating lies,
And the hurtful words he spoke,
And of the times,
When he emotionally cheated on her;
His mind still is thinking

Of the past,he could have made it be different,
And the true love he lost,
In an instant,
All due to his own folly,
He now knows how lucky was he,
That someone loved him,Endlessly...

That's why,
He still,does try...
For those times,
When they walked hand-in-hand,
For that beautiful yesterday,
That wonderland,
To be a part of ,
An even beautiful tomorrow...
Where she'll never have to shed a tear again,
Where she'll bathe in happiness,
As she wishes & when,
Where her heart will love him,
Like she did before,
Once again...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

101 Positive Affirmations

The power of Positive Affirmations is truly immense.... Write down your own affirmations' list and then see the magic taking place in your life... :)

1. I am always appreciated.

2. I have the best of people guiding me..

3. I am always directed to new,wonderful experiences.

4. My everyday is filled with a beautiful sense of purpose.

5. My body constantly replenishes with pure,positive energy.

6. The world around me is always in peace and harmony.

7. There is abundandant joy in my life.

8. My Universe is ever expanding, ever enriching.

9. I am thankful for my beautiful thoughts.

10. Music fills my soul.

11. Love surrounds me,envelopes me, fills me, excites me, believes in me.

12. I know what I want.

13. (Lightly touch yor throat and say) I am willing to change(repetadely).

14. I speak gently and in a very convincing manner.

15. I am eternally healthy.

16. I have all the happiness in the Universe.

17. My diversity of knowledge is immensely appreciated.

18. My positive thoughts are very strong.

19. I always end conversations on a good note.

20. I enjoy a healthy relationship with myself. I enjoy a joyous relationship with myself.

21. I have the perfect living space.

22. I experience Love wherever I go.

23. I radiate tremendous energy that attaracts everything marvellous.

24. I am a slave to Love.

25. I have a slender,athletic,fit,attractive body.

26. I am the bestest,coolest,sexiest!!

27. I take great pleasure in all the compliments showered on me.

28. I bring about a loving smile on everyone's face.

29. I am a very confident person.

30. I get abundance of knowledge and experience.

31. I maintain my perfect weight of 74 kgs.

32. I get a lot of freebies.

33. I am street-smart.

34. My job gives me peace,harmony & satisfaction.

35. I work in a very cordial and friendly work envirnoment.

36. Love is the strongest of the strongest of my inner strengths.

37. I have a very fit,agile,flexible and wonderful back.

38. My workout routine is a very healthy,balanced and spirited activity.


40. Magical things happen everywhere I go.

41. Transitions are very smooth for me.

42. I am the infinite energy of this Universe.

43. I am eternal happiness.

44. I Smile and Laugh a lot.

45. My mind is always filled with beautiful,wonderful thoughts.

46. My mind comes up with brilliant,creative ideas.

47. I always sleep with wonderful thoughts in my mind.


49. I am like a flower,ever blossoming.

50. I have the eternal power of the Universe with and within me.

51. Joyous moments throng me.

52. Life is always a celebration.

53. I am immensely talented.

54. It is a wonderful feeling to be me.

55. I realize I am changing into a better person now.

56. Music is my most amazing talent.

57. I am a wonderful thought,manifested from tip to tip.

58. I always expect great things and great things happen to me.

59. My relationships are cordial,loving and understanding.

60. I always have a reason to thank.

61. I always have a reason to smile.

62. My mind and body support me in every way possible.

63. The Universe is very friendly towards me.

64. My family respects & understands me.

65. My creativity moves in wonderful directions.

66. I enjoy succes everywhere I go, in every way.

67. I am always on the highest frequency in this Universe, Love.

68. I always innovate & excel.

69. I have a healthy,prosperous diet.

70. The child within me is always protected,loved,appreciated and encouraged.

71. My inner child always expresses itself.

72. Every moment in my life presents itself as a new experience, a new opportunity.

73. My focus on things brings them to me.

74. My professional dealings are always a smooth affair.

75. Nature substantiates my growth in every way.

76. I have more than enough time.

77. Money is constantly flowing in.

78. Money is my constant companion.

79. I have a lot of money !!!

80. The best of the best in every field work for me.

81. My relationship with my Love is harmonious, lovingm caring, nurturing & fulfilling in every way. [When you are reading/writing this(similar) Affirmation, keep your Lover in mind.... Ask, So, what do I want in my Lover? And write down all those things you want in your Lover(Real/Hypothetical). Don't bother about the list getting long. The longer,the better. Trust me!!]

82. Thank you God for this wonderful gift of Life.

83. I always get to do what I Love doing. Thank you for helping me follow my dreams.

84. I have numerous opportunities to showcase my talents.

85. I exercise each and every talent of mine to the hilt.

86. I travel to new places and meet new people.

87. My motivation levels are very high(which is obvious from the fact that I am still writing at this time of the night....and yes I am waking up early.)

88. There is tremendous happiness in rising up early. I always get up early. Early morning rising up gives me the opportunity to do many wonderful things. I am thankful for that.

89. I fill myself with excitement,joy and happiness.

90. My destiny is legendary.

91. I am unique in my own ways.

92. There is plenty of water available for me.

93. I ahave tremendous will power and stamina.

94. My mind is very sharp and focussed.

95. My nation is a place of new,exciting opportunities. It provides me with all possible resources for my personal and professional growth. THANK YOU FOR THE SAME. :)

96. The weather is always amiable.

97. The right books come to me. This keeps me very knowledgeable and up-to-date.

98. My faith is always answered.

99. My free will guides me to execute the best of decisions.

100. I have the pure power of gratitude within me. Thank you for this wonderful power.

101. I am getting better and better every day in every way. Thank you for the same.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

If you are in Chennai, visit:

If you are in Chennai, visit:

1. Spencer's Mall.
2. Marina Beach.
3. Satyam Theatre.
4. Parry's street.
5. Moor's Market.
6. Anuja Dinesh(PLR Therapist)
7. Prateeph Mony(guitarist)
8. Adyar Beach.
9. Thiruvanmiyur Temple.
10. Sarvana Bhavan at T Nagar.
14. T Nagar.
15. Mahabalipuram.
16. Pondicherry.
18. Nunangabakkam Area.
19. Hot breads(Butter Bun a Must to be eaten)
20. IT Express Highway.
21.Mother Mary church at Nunangabakkam.

...Other places I'll mention as and when I remember. :)

Take care.

I Love you in many languages

I wrote I Love you in as many languages I possibly could write in(and made sense to me !)


Afrikans : Ek is lief vir jou,

Albanian: Te dua

Amharic: Afekrishalehou

Arabic: Ana Behibek(to a female)

Basc: Nere Maitea.

Bavarian: I mug di narrisch gern.

Bengali: Amhi tomay bhalobashi.

Berber: Lakh trikh.

Bicol: Namumutan ta ka.

Bulgarian: Obicham te.

Cambodian: Bon sro lanh oon.

Cantonese: Ngo oi ney.

Catlan: T'estim molt(love you lots)

Chinese: Wo ie ni

Croatian: Volim te; Ja te volim

Czach: Miluji te.

Danish: Jeg elsker dig.

Dutch: Ik hou van jou.

Estonian: Mina armastan sind.

Persian: Tora dost midaram.

Flemish Ik zie oe geerne.

Finnish: Mina rakastan sinua.

French: Je t'aime.

Gaelic: Ta gra agam ort.

German: Ich liebe dich.

Greek: S'ayapo.

Gujrati: Tane Prem karoo CHOO !! :-)

Harsa: Ina sonki.

Hebrew:Ani ohev at(to a female)

Hindi: :-)

Hokkien: Wa ali lu.

Hopi:Nu umi unangwa ta

Hungarian: Szeretlek te' ged.

Indonesian: Saya cinta padamu , Saya cinta kau

Italian: Ti amo.


Kazakh: Men seny jaksy kuremyn.

Kiswahili: Nakupenda.

Korean: Tangsinul sarang ha yo.

Kurdish: Es te hezdikhem.

Latin: Te amo , Vos amo .

Lao: Khoi huk chau.

Lativian: Es tev milu.

Lingala: Nalingi you.

Norwegian: Jag elsker deg.

Philipino: Mahal kita.

Polish: Ja cie kocham(pronounced as yacha kochnam)

Portugese: Es te amo.

Romanian: Te iu besc

Russian: Ya vas liubliu.

Serbian: Volim te.

Slovak: Lubim ta.

Spanish: Te amo.

Swedish: Jag alaskar dig.

Taiwanese: Gwa ai lee.

Tamil: Naan Unnai Kadhalikaran. :-)

Urdu: Mujhe tumhsey mohabaat hai.

Thai: Phom rak khun.

Turkish: Seni seviyorum !

Assamese: Moi tomak bhal pau.

Burmese: Chit pa de.

Bolivian: Que chau qunta munani.

Canadian: Sh ' teme.

Punjabi: Main tenu pyar karda.

Malyalam: Njyaan Ninne Preetikyunnu.

Sinhalese: Mama oyata Arderyi.

Telgu: Neenu Ninnu Pra'mistu'nnau

Zulu: Ngiyakuthanda !

Armenian: Yes kez sirumem.

Japanese: Ao shi te reu.

Nepalese: Ma timilai maya garchhu.

Belarusian: Ye tabe kahayu.

Konkani: Tu magel moga cho.

Yoruba: Mo ni fe.

Sign language: " I can only tell it when ABC is in front of me... :-) "

Bihari: Arey...humme tummsey pyyaar hoi gava.

Apache: Sheth shen zhon.

Bangladesh: Amhi tomake valobhashi.

Sanskrit: Twai snehayaami.

Tunisian: Ha ek bak.

Cherokee: Tsi ge yui.

Hawaiian: Aloha Au Ia 'oe.

Icelandic: Eg elska tig.

Sindhi: Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan.

Mohwak: Kanbhik.

Moroccon: Ana moajaba bik.


These are the photographs from my Tennangur visit for my AOL-Part 2.


I made these collage somewhere back in March or April. It was just a random day with nothing much to do so I cut some pics up and pasted them all together. :)

Photographs(Chennai Sights and Sounds)

These are photographs of a very fond memory of mine from the times when I was in Chennai. It was on 31st Jan,2009 that I took almost all of these photographs(213 out of 218). That day, I just went about clicking literally everything that I thought was material enough to be captured. One followed the other and this wonderful compilation followed....

101 Romantic Ideas

No Sooner you guys must have read the title, all kinds of assumptions and conclusions must have sprung into your minds;about what this post is all about,how did I compile this list,the places I "dhapofyed" all of these ideas from,why is it necessary to post,etc etc etc... Now, I know I am really a very UnRomantic person(reinforced further by my very sweet and (good for nothing) friend Divya) and this you may say,is really not my territory.... But still,somehow I have managed to piece the strings together and come up with this list. Much of it(let's say 94%) are things that simply came out of my mind with no reference at all(Hard to believe I know,I myself am finding it so!). But then I realized, that I am just some meek mortal,who does require some external help. I tried my best to resist and abstain from looking up anywhere on net,books,ebooks and the like. I started with sitting in my own room,some 4 days back and started with this list. After having reached somewhere near 60(don't remember the exact figure), I realized I needed to get out and find things around that would inspire me to add further on to this list. Somehow,I could keep myself patient enough through the local train journeys, the long hours in office(wah wah !! someone get me outta there !!),the walk back home, when I went to piss or pot,about to head off to sleep,while eating and the list kept increasing steadily. I only held the picture of me completing it. How I would do it, I really didn't know(I still don't) but I had(and have) complete faith that somehow, I will do it all on my own(ALMOST). The 101th idea came just a couple of mints back ( and I was stuck up on getting this one for almost two hours) Perhaps, the Universe(alongwith my mind,my beautiful mind),saved the best for the last for me.....
I would duly like to thank the authors of the two books, 1001 Ways to be Romantic and 101 Romantic Ideas. I was stuck up at a point in time and they have been a great help to me to complete my list.

Hope you guys like it.... *smiles*

1. Write a Poem.

2. Spend an entire day giving her gifts at regular,irregular intervals, each gift symbolizing something of value to both of you.

3. Cook a nice meal for her.

4. Hold hands, Walk by the beach and Watch the sunset together.

5. Do Bungee Jumping into a valley saying," I love you so and so"

6. Compile a nice video of her photographs with/without some background score.[You can use Flash, Windows Movie Maker for this]

7. Write her a Love letter.

8. One day, wake up super early and go and stand in front of her building just to see her for that one special moment. (You may either wake her up or wait till she comes at the window...Your call... I'd prefer waiting to waking her up)

9. Compliment her beautiful smile.

10. Write a list of "101 reasons why I love you." [I already have such a list prepared too... :) ]

11. Compile songs on a CD and gift it to her.[nicely wrapped if required]

12. Whenever possible,play the Guitar for her.

13. Gift her a "Love-Cheques" book. 
[A Love Cheques book is something like a normal Chequebook. Here,however,the Cheque leaves have something special that you would do for her. She can give a leaf whenever she wishes to and you have to abide by what's written on that leaf. Sounds fun!! Doesn't it? ]

14. SMS her I miss you/ I love you at a time of the day when she least expects it.
If you Love her,you will have such a subconscious connection.

15.  Take her on a long drive on your bike during non-rush hours.

16. TALK, ACT, BEHAVE & BE like children.

17. Create a painting/drawing/sketch.

18. Surprise her by coming to pick her up.

19. Give her a HUGE Bouquet of flowers(preferably decorated by you)

20. Listen to her sweet voice. Just listen & only listen to her talk.(It's an amazing feeling)

21. A Candlelight dinner.

22. Thank the Lord for bringing her into your Life.( I seriously recommend you write down this Thanks prayer).

23. Store all the SMS's she sends. Then, maybe on her birthday or some other special occasion,you can show them to her & explain the situation during each of those SMS's).

24. Write her name in Calligraphic style and frame it.

25. Present her with a written account of the many cute,funny,lovable and adorable things you did as a child.

26. (Slow) Dance with her. [It's ok even if you don't know how to]

27. Write about you feelings of the entire day when you asked her out/proposed her/confessed your feelings to her.

28. Eat with each other's hands.

29. Get wet in the rain together (& Kiss) [For further info,refer to the movie, The Notebook]

30. Hug each other real tight and real warm.

31. Kiss in public.

32. Stand on top of a mountain/fort/hill/building/any damn very high place and shout out,
"I LOVE YOU!!!" and record that moment.

33. Go window shopping in a Mall.[It's a great way to spend time together and try out expensive stuff.... It's super fun!!]

34. Offer a back massage/foot rub/head massage with some good smelling lotion. [Things you guys will do after that is really not my concern. :) ]

35. Slip in a love note quietly in her bag.

36. Send her Birthday cards for a month.

37. Spend a day together at a lavish spa pampering yourselves.

38. Whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

39. Get Blindfolded by her(Be totally at her mercy)

40. Tell her your secrets/fears.

41. Say "I Love you" in different languages (goes without saying,you may want to record it as well)

42. Tickle her lightly.

43. Put up a huge banner(S) in the city saying,"I love you" or something special,or a secret message which only she ll understand.

44. Play Strip Poker. :)

45. Do something you are apprehensive about/fear and let them know you have overcome it.

46. Watch "Little Manhattan" together.

47. Rent out an entire movie theatre.

48. Go in a Local train during non rush hour traffic upto the last station in 1st class and come back. [You can even gift her something]

49. Gift her,just like that, Chocolates.

50. Plan her entire birthday(from 12 to 12) /some other day, completely. Let her be just a spectator and enjoy herself thoroughly. Ensure this is one of the best days of her life.

51. Pamper her with the best of Ice-Cream. Watching your Love eating ice cream is an amazing sight. She looks a total baby!!

52. Wait for her if she's getting late and when she comes tell her,"I can wait an entire lifetime for you sweetheart."

53. Join an extra curricular activity together.

54. Get a wrist-watch, Inscribe in it," I always have time for you."

55. A hand-made puzzle, Give her,say, one puzzle piece a day.

56. Take time out to call her from your busy schedule even if it is for 2 minutes. [This sentence is a classic example of a dangling modifier error !!!]

57. Make Love on the stairway.

58. Go on a trek with her.

59. Write a short Love story.

60. Push a little bit extra during workout.[Don't tell me you don't workout,you lazy bum!!]

61. Learn Salsa.

62. Get yours and her hands printed/coloured/xeroxed/whatever you like and frame that as a picture and write a message along with it.

63. Get a domain name with your partner's name and fill it with stuff like poems,pics,etc. and ask them casually to google their name up.

64.  "Split - type" Tee shirts wherein,let's say, your tee has "LO" and half the heart and her tee has "VE" and the other half of the heart.

65. Buy her balloons and watch her release them. Capture that beautiful moment.

66. Gift her flowers that spell her name.

67. Exchange "Love-vows" Write them first before doing so.

68. Write down as many good things as possible about her. Ask friends and family if you are falling short somewhere.

69. Take a dare of eating chillies without drinking water or drinking as less as possible.

70. Learn a few magic tricks to perform in front of her.

71. Plant trees together.

72. Have a brain storming session.

73. Get a temporary tattoo done.

74. Count stars and see for patterns within them. Same for clouds.

75. In the countryside, build a cottage for her.

76.  Take her on a cruise.

77. Enact a skit together.

78. Put in a treasure hunt kind of thing for her B'day. This can range from being as small as within your house to as large as covering the entire city.

79. Compliment for every thing possible.

80. One day/for sometime, communicate through sign language or written form.

81. Rent out an Island(there are 1000's available)

82. Take orders from her for an entire day and do it all willingly,happily. :) :)

83. Read out(ENTHUSIASTICALLY and with a Spark in your eyes), children's stories to her.

84. Without her knowing,get her portrait painted.

85. Help in cleaning the house.[By doing this,you can be romantic everyday without even trying much! :) ]

86. Bake a cake.

87. Make a list of cute,sweet,lovable and adorable names to call her.

88. Make toys,paper mache models,puppets,origami models,etc.

89. Play a game of Blindfold.

90. Blindfold her and ask her to guess things by giving her hints,touching the things,etc.

91. Play some board/other games played by children. [Monopoly, Life, Scrabble,etc, etc.]

92. Have an Ice Castle built.

93. Make a wall hanging made out of Natural Vegetation like grass, twigs, leaves,etc. Similarly,
take a glass window and make your own, "Nature Window."

94. Gift her a Larger than Life Teddy/Soft toy. [Stop smiling Divya].

95. Write one letter everyday for a month/a year/etc.[Post it, if possible].

96. Watch,"The Notebook" together.

97. Skip your weekend dose of sports to be with her. [Hell !! A man can do all the above but this!!! No way!!! But a real man knows what's important to him and man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.]

98. Compile a list of "Love Quotes" and Record them in your voice.

99. "The TIME - CAPSULE",in which you put many things like the stuff you guys bought together,some pictures,a book that you relate to,etc. etc..

100. Write your own list of ways to be romantic.

101. Be the first one to say a sorry.

 Take care. :) Goodnight.