Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am sorry(with a smile)

This is one crazy and wonderful post I believe...... Let's just say you Love someone and have for some God freaking reason acted like a fool,misunderstood them,behaved childishly or have said things which you shouldn't have. Now the guilt is eating you up like anything and you simply don't know what to do.... That's when I stumbled upon the idea of you saying a true Sorry to that one person who means the world to you..... More than some poetry it's a flow of thoughts wherein a person is trying to say a Sorry to someone from the bottom of their hearts... If your Love's angry on you cuz you did something real childish and you wanna make it up to them, friends this is one post that ll help you a great deal... Read out these " I am Sorry" 's to her... She ll be super flattered and forgive you instantly. Yes, but the catch is, you have to really mean the sorries you say. So pick and chose the ones that best fit you. The list is exhaustive. Happy Reading. :)

I am sorry for hurting you,

I am sorry for not understanding,

I am sorry for making you cry,

I am sorry for ignoring you,

I am sorry for all the taunts,

I am sorry for all the sarcasm,

I am sorry for holding back my emotions,

I am sorry to let you down,

I am sorry cuz I didn't care,

I am sorry I didn't say I love you,

I am sorry cuz I took you for granted,

I am sorry for giving you sleepless nights,

I am sorry I let you fall down,

I am sorry I lost your heart,

I am sorry I didn't stop you,(when I should have)

I am sorry I didn't say,"Please stay dear",

I am sorry for not trying enough.

I am sorry I put all the blame on you,

I am sorry I compelled you to call it off,

I am sorry I didn't chase you,(every girl loves when the guy she likes is chasing her...though she doesn't express it)

I am sorry for my insecurity,

I am sorry for swaying away,

I am sorry for my wandering mind, my wandering emotions,

I am sorry for keeping you out of the picture,

I am sorry I didn't respect your feelings,

I am sorry for not trusting you,

I am sorry for not realizing my 2nd chance,

I am sorry I didn't initiate things,

I am sorry I bottled my depression,

I am sorry for the silent treatment,

I am sorry for not thinking,

I am sorry for asking unnecessary things,

I am sorry I didn't listen to your problems,

I am sorry I didn't share your sorrows,

I am sorry I let myself down in your eyes,

I am sorry for failing to understand, how much you love me,

I am sorry I let your priorities change,

I am sorry I didn't hold your hand,

I am sorry I let someone else come close to you,

I am sorry for saying you deserve better,

I am sorry for thus pushing you to the point of no return,

I am sorry for getting angry for no reason,

I am sorry I did not let you be you.

I am sorry I wasn't the person you said a yes to,

I am sorry to keep you waiting all the time,

I am sorry I wouldn't call or sms,

I am sorry I was so rigid in my thinking,

I am sorry for thinking too much,

I am sorry for keeping you away from everyone,

I am sorry for affecting your studies,

I am sorry I wasn't there for you during your tough times,

I am sorry I let you be left alone & lonely,

I am sorry for not understanding you were always right,

I am sorry for being a crybaby,

I am sorry I made fun of you at times,

I am sorry for being so desperate,

I am sorry for not hugging you,
I am sorry for thinking too much about what other people will think,

I am sorry for those painful memories I gave,

I am sorry for underestimating you,

I am sorry I didn't listen,

I am sorry I let you feel rejected,neglected,
I am sorry I didn't treat you like a little baby you always wanted me to,

I am sorry it was never my intention to hurt you,

I am sorry it was all about me,me & my problems,
I am sorry for overlooking when you said we will fight it all together,

I am sorry for my weirdness,

I am sorry I didn't call you my beautiful,my darling,cute,honey,my Jaan,my life,Jannu,

I am sorry I felt odd at myself,

I am sorry I let you become so rigid,

I am sorry I did not give you a chance to care enough for me,

I am sorry for not being the friend you wanted me to be,

I am sorry for weakening you,

I am sorry for keeping myself busy with other(idiotic) things when on the phone with you,

I am sorry I came back to you,
I am sorry if it is too late,
I am sorry I came back,
I am sorry if I am hurting you now,
I am sorry I tried again,
I am sorry but I have to try now,
I am sorry I still love you,
I am sorry if it hurts you(I never mean to)
I am sorry you are my everything,
I am sorry I wish things were ok,
I am sorry I don't want to give up on you,
I am sorry I still think for/about you,
I am sorry I care for you now more than before,
I am sorry I want to make you happy,
I am sorry I want to be the friend with whome you'll share all your sorrows,
I am sorry I want to hear your voice,
I am sorry for being an idiot,
I am sorry ABC(Fill this with your Lover's name....don't write ABC...Your lover will not appreciate you calling her ABC... :) ),
I am sorry I ask you to forgive me,
I am sorry I ask an another chance,
I am sorry ABC.
I really am,

I am sorry I ask you to trust me,
I am sorry I have a feeling that tells me to love you forever,
I am sorry this feeling just doesn't want to go away,however hard I try to throw it away,

I am sorry,
I still want to keep saying sorry to you.....

I am sorry I was ridiculous,

I am sorry we didn't go to the movies often,

I am sorry I didn't share much,

I am sorry it's difficult for you to change your heart,

I am sorry I say there's still a way,

I am sorry I turned my back on you,

I am sorry I was possessive,

I am sorry I was lazy in a relationship,
I am sorry I built a wall around me,
I am sorry I thought i could live without you,

I am sorry I wasn't honest enough,

I am sorry I wasn't truthful enough,

I am sorry I felt you were happy with others than me and didn't try to improve myself to make/keep you happy,

I am sorry I missed the simple joys you gave me,
I am sorry I did not give you the simple joys of life,

I am sorry I made you change,
I am sorry I made you so hardened to emotions now,

I am sorry I was so shocked and did not(could not) react when you said you wanted to call if off,
I am sorry I never expected such an answer,
I am sorry I failed to see the reason behind this answer,
I am sorry I thought you will come back to me,
I am sorry I did not make any proper attempts to make you came back to me,
I am sorry I want to hug you tight right now,
I am sorry I thought you will be happy when you said you wanted to call it off,

I am sorry I realized things a bit late,
I am sorry I didn't listen to my heart,
I am sorry to not hear the things my heart was telling me...telling me to ask you to come back right away back then,

I am sorry I was jealous of you and hated the fact that you have so many friends and I had none,
I am sorry it made me hurt you cuz i wasn't thinking anything,
I am sorry it is my fault why things are the way they are with me,

I am sorry I realize now how much you loved me,

I am sorry I forced you at times,
I am sorry I made you contradict yourself,
I am sorry I made you question your faith in things that you belive in(including me)

I am sorry I abused myself in front of you,
I am sorry it made me feel great about myself to see you cry,
I am sorry I thought such a shitty thought,
I am sorry I kept no control on my words back then,
I am sorry I feared myself,
I am sorry I kept making you feel uncomfortable,

I am sorry I am ready to face the world for you,
I am sorry I want all your sorrows now to be mine,
I am sorry I ran away,
I am sorry I was such a coward,

I am sorry if I am being unpredictable now,

I am sorry its difficult for me to change your mind and heart for me,
I am sorry I am still trying for it to change,
I am sorry I am hoping against hope when asking for your hand,
I am sorry I bow in front of you,
I am sorry I am being a little selfish when I ask you to come back in my lfie,
I am sorry but you are too wondeful to miss,
I am sorry but your are to precious to lose,
I am sorry I want to love you all my life,
I am sorry I am still attracted to you,
I am sorry if I am sounding too desperate(Hehe...try avoiding this one),

I am sorry you feel why can't I understand what you are going through,
I am sorry I understand what you are going through,

I am sorry if it's too late,
I am sorry I was quiet all this while,
I am sorry I spoke again,

I am sorry I made you cry on your Birthday,
I am sorry I made you cry so much,
I am sorry I was such an idiot to not see how much I was making you cry,
I am sorry I let you waste those precious tears for my foolishness,

I am sorry I gave you a reason to think I am not happy with you,

I am sorry I tried to make you feel special on your b'day,

I am sorry I am still trying,

I am sorry I cannot change your heart towards me,

I am sorry I am yet,still trying,

I am sorry you went and told many people about the break off,

I am sorry I kept our word and spoke to no one about it,

Yet still...I am sorry you got so many friends after the break off who comforted you,made you happy and made you forget me,

I am sorry in the process of keeping the promise I was left all alone,

I am sorry I let someone else come close to you,
I am sorry I gave you enough reasons to take such a step,

I am sorry for the things I said in the last few lines,

I am sorry cuz you are my inspiration and motivation,

I am sorry your heart is too innocent to understand the ways of life,

I am sorry I hurt such a pure,innocnet heart,

I am sorry I emotionally cheated on you,

I am sorry I could not be the best friend you wanted me to be after the break-off,

I am sorry I still want to keep saying a sorry to you.........

PHEW !!!!


Random thoughts kept coming and I Just penned this below stuff down... :)

I don't know
What to do
I don't know
Where to go
Is there some reason
For me to hang around here
Why doesn't anything
Ever seem clear
Thought after Thought
Links up
To lead to a total
State of confusion
My mind moves around in circles
Strained with tension
An utter chaos
Reigns supreme
And I begin to doubt
My beliefs
My dream
It's a silly balance
I don't know
Why I have to tread
Lacking in Substance
And Conviction
Is Everything I do
Falling short everytime I don't know
How do I please you
I don't know
What got me to this place
It was not in my plans
I am running a ridiculous
A senseless race
And what I am doing running it
I don't know
On a road that
Keeps getting narrow
Crazy at times
I become
When I think
What I am doing
Life seems like
A black & White spectrum
A rhymeless poem
Without a cause
Without a reason
I simply keep doing things
And just idle away my time
Oblivious to all
All the happenings...

Day's Account(28/05/09)


A short dose of Positivity

The power of positive thoughts is immense. You may find it hard to beleive but you can change your state just like that !! It's that easy....Just think positive and hold onto these positive thoughts. Let these positive vibrations fill and surround you... When you have filled yourself with utmost positivity, miracles will be an everyday affair for you... Trust me. :)

My Bike & Me

Since the time it came in my life, my Pulsar 150's been seemingly inseparable from me.....or rather it's that we both seem to just can't get enough of each other. Everyday, in some way, we have to find a way to spend time with each other. [She is an exciting chick, the one that guys love to admire but dare not venture any near.....the intelligent sorts i think that's what they are called]. It's all thanks to her that I now am able to go anywhere anytime I want able to explore all that I ever desired to....and have been able to live out to the fullest when I am with her.... There's not a place i feel that I cannot reach when riding this beauty..... More than my talent of riding a bike, it's the bike herself that makes all the magic... I am a mere instrument in the scheme of things. It's like my bike herself does everything and let's me just enjoy the moment,sit back & relax. Traffic or No traffic, the incising through and around the vehicles that my bike does is simply marvelous. It can accelerate from nothingness to extremeness in no time and get back to normalcy in no time too. Atop it,while riding there's an invincible feeling, an aura of arrogance, a sense of joy and a tremendous belief...all of which the people love to hate...... But like any other beautiful girl, she comes with her potential hazards too. Excite her too much and she gets out of control and we all know how girls gone wild can be(Dangerously exciting !!). So while she lets me enjoy her company to the fullest, I am also aware that tantalizing her too much would only spell doom for me... :)

But still, I love my girl !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When you have Love,
There's nothing else that you need,
Your Heart,soul & mind you can,
Abundantly with Love,feed,
It's all you need to make the days go by,
With Love surrounding you,
Your Happiness Quotient will always be high,
It makes the world go round and round,
It makes you feel so very special,
It makes every moment a celebration,
Every little reason,
A joyous, momentous occasion;

Life takes a whole new meaning,
When you are in Love,
It's like being one with,
The Heavens above,
In everything around,
Only Love you feel,
Nothing seems impossible,
You can & You will,
Do anything & everything,
When you are in Love,
And there's simply no stopping you,
It's like Love is the only emotion,
Your innocent heart ever knew;

Like a kiss,
From an angel,
It's warmth,
An ever-embracing one,
A feeling of belonging,
Towards that special someone,
A magical feeling,
At the tip of your fingers,
A power within you,
To move the mountains;

It's an irresistible desire,
An absolute indulgence,
A Beautiful Reality,
That captivating fragrance,
Of the valley of flowers,
Lost in it completely,
Are all of we,
Soft as fur,
Tender as honey.

P.S: I know this poem isn't working out quite well. I'll work on it soon... Take care folks.

The need to write

With all you can,
With all your might,
It's the best way,
For you to fight.

Be honest and furious,
Write with zeal,
Always be curious,
There's a lot to be forgotten,
Writing your heart out,
Penning down every emotion,
...It's the only way.

You can analyse,
You can realize,
The only way,
You can overcome,
The past;
Put your soul in these words,
Cry if you must,
As you realize your mistake,
But grow from strength to strength,
It's foolish to wait.

Every thought,
Express it,no matter what,
For these words from within,
Are your guiding light,
To build upon a future,
Hale,Hearty & Bright...

As this pen moves ahead,
It helps to explore,
The stream of thoughts,
Makes one understand,
It helps to fight,with those negative feelings,
Forget the bitter ones,
& Cherish,the beautiful memories.

Make it a habit,
Make it a 2nd nature,
For it helps to understand,
Rectify & Learn,
From the mistakes of the past;
A momentary regret you many feel,
As you write it out,
But trust me,
It's just a passing thought,
Once closed in these pages....
It's Forever lost.

An Exemplar Destiny

Let's take charge,
Of the mind,
Of our Thoughts and Life,
Let's build upon,
A wonderful existance,
Abundance,of all the good things,
In perfect Resonance,
Let's think positive thoughts,
Thoughts of...
Let our Emotional Intelligence take over,
Reflect inner peace and tranquility,
Passion & Gratitude,
And a certitude of fortitude,
An unwavering faith,
A sense of belief,
A will to excel,
The desire to succeed,
Let's ask the Universe for these,
With absolute faith and reverence,
For we deserve them,
Every right we possess,
To sparkle like a gem;
Let's attract,only the best to ourselves,
Eternally youthful & ageless,
A mind so beautiful & tireless,
Everyday so wonderful, So magical,
& Full of sureness...
It's all there,
For us,
All we need, is to focus,
On the power of the Universe,
Within us,
And think deliberately,
Intend and desire,
Aim and Aspire,
Kindle a dream,
If we believe in ourselves,
We reign supreme,
We create our own reality,
Through a tremendous Energy,
That's Conspiring for us,
To paint,
An Exemplar Destiny.

What do I say

Now that I have lost everything to you,
You say,You want to start something new,
You say,You want to reach for the sky,
& Being with me,You couldn't aim that high,
Your heart doesn't love me anymore,
I compelled you to walk out of the door,
You say,I never could understand,
& That our relationship was like grains of sand,
The more we tried,
The more it fell out of hand,

Nonetheless,when you said you wanted to move on,
I was too shocked to react,
To see you happy was all that I ever wanted,
So I decided to stay quiet the entire time;
You had your friends to share what happened,
But I was all alone,left in the cold,
Afterall I had a promise to keep,
Given to someone I so preciously close hold,

You became happier,as the times moved on,
I became crazy,all my sanity long gone,
You kept telling me we'll be best friends forever,
While you bothered for all,but shared nothing with me ever,
Still with the pain I constantly endure,
A pain,that has to it,no cure,
And wonder was I really that wrong,that I bottled my depression,kept my problems away from you,
How I wish,there was somepart of me,you genuienly knew,
That part of me,which broke his back,his leg for you,
Kept his word,didn't speak about the relationship even after it was over,just for you,
Broke ties with all friends,just for you,
That part which couldn't express,
But constantly loved you...

Dead Letters

What a tragedy,
They had to part,
In silence & tears,
With a broken-heart,
Nothing said,Nothing spoken,
Too shocked,to give,a proper expression,
Both still confused about,
What was the reason,
To part,
To cut short,
What was so beautiful,
To stop believing in,
Something so wonderful,

How could they not reconsider,
Not apply a 2nd thought,
& In silence,searching for an answer,
Till they each other,forgot....
They were sad,
They had their share of mistakes,
And things going bad,
They even made each other cry,
& Still to mend sometimes,they didn't try,
But life isn't a happy movie song,
Even with the right people sometimes,
The times,they are wrong;

Indeed,they were in love,
Had a yearning to see each other,
& Stay this way forever,
All it required was a little effort,
To show each other they'll care,
Through trials & tribulations,
And moments of dispair,
But slowly,yet hastily,
they drifted away from each other,
Not thinking once calmly,
About the times,they were together,
But maybe,they did think,
But kept it in their hearts,
Things they should have said,
Each hoping,the other will initiate,
& Look forward,to a happy life ahead,
But instead,
Countless tears they shed,
All their emotions,
Very much dead,
And to a new life,they both fled,
To an unsettling compromise,
Where they could smile,
Yet cry inside,
Think of those beautiful memories,
Those wonderful harmonies,
So much yet unexplored,left untried.

In their heart however,
Every moment spent they hold dear,
So far away from each other,
Yet so near,
Their strength their proximity,
Thought it'll last way past eighty,
Yet masters of our fate we are,
What we do,so will our destiny decide,
Whether we are accepted,
Or forever denied.....


How beautifully disturbing life can be,
Torrid & Torn,
Full of Misery,
Everything that happens,
Only demotivates,
Every action taken,
A big mistake,
Tragedy strikes,
Every moment,
Every step of the way,
Fear of the worst,
Lurks & Looms,

Every effort,Every dedicated motive,
Every thought,
So earnestly put in,
Every new morning,
With zeal that you begin,
Has to it only suffering,
As the day progresses,
Perhaps only soul in the world
So luckless.

Devoid arst thou,
Of any liberty,
For a free mind,
Do as others,will you to do,
Everytime in all situations fall behind.

And these dark clouds hover,
Even in the pleasant rains,
Face a stormy weather,
This world shall never,
Your ideas favour,
You can be patient,
All your life,
But bear no fruit,you will,
For your endless strife....


Silence can be deafening,
In Quiteness a storm can brew,
Being good can hurt you,
Treachery can help in winning,
Lies can have a good effect,
Truth,on the other hand,
May only invite trouble,
For the moments that are grave,
People can get annoyingly casual,

To think honestly,
Can become a crime,
To love truly,
A waste of time,
Maybe all will laugh & make merry,
At your funeral,
Maybe they are the same ones who ridiculed,
At times when you'd tumble;

People may also laugh,
At your expense,
Though you may not understand,
To them,its happiness,
People can talk deep,
Yet think superficial,
Have little or none yet behave like,
Kings of a 1000 castles,
And may say they are at peace,
In this hustle & bustle;

Nonsense talks may excite,
Serious issues brushed aside,
People may run from their duties,
Yet talk aloud about responsibilities,
To others....
They may be hostile,
Angry & Jealous of you,
Yet have such a friendly smile,
They may hold unnecessary grudges,
Yet keep hidden,
This disgusting profile;

It may even rain in spring,
It may even breeze when the air is still,
It may even snow in summer,
Ah ! The joy of the seasons,
Can sometimes be bitter;

You may feel alone,
Even with a 1000 crowd strong,
You may have everyone caring,
Still feel you don't belong,
You may have a brilliant mind,
Yet people will suppress it,
Though this world thrives on creativity,
Everyone opposes it,

With dedication you may work,
Yet the fruits of your labour,
May bear no result,
With a tremendous drive,
You want to succeed,
Yet you feel you've lost,
At every step of the way;
You may feel deceived,
And berived,

...But still,Hope...

Your Love

Love is the beauty you define,
Love is the happiness in your voice,
Love is the unwavering emotion,
Etched forever in time,
Love is that wonderful feeling,
That sets me free,
Love is that special word,
A musical symphony;
You are like the beautiful red rose,
You are the reason,why the Heavens smile upon me,
Your Love is a delicate bond,
Of Tenderness & Purity;
Every step of the way,
Your love,does me,transform,
With your sweetness & grace,
& Every thought so warm,
You inspire & motivate,
Help me cherish every moment,
As Life would want me to narrate,
& Your Love touches my soul,
Like no other,
The strength to reach for the sky,
Like no other.

Your love is the resonance,
Of eternal joy in my mind,
You are the fragrance,
Of the valley of flowers,
Your love is the angel,
That God has given me,
You are that pretty damsel,
I'd want to share this Life with.

Your love is,
The freedom of a 1000 suns,
The picture of a 1000 sunsets,
Painted in true colors,of Love,
Just like...the Heavens above,
Just like the water-lilies dancing,
The beautiful white doves flying,
The joy on the face of a mother,
At the sight of her new-born child,
The only emotion,
That can bring worlds together,
The only thought that can,
Transcend through this Universe in a flash,
The warmth of the morning rays,
The gentleness of the sky in the night,
Like an ice-cream,absolute delight,
The driving anthem,that power ballad,
As I drive into the sunset,
A feeling so fresh,
Like the first time we met,
Your love is....
A picture perfect moment.

Sorry Baby

How foolish was I,

I made you cry,

That I failed to see,

What you felt deep inside,

I am sorry baby,

I know, I was wrong,

I accept,it was my mistake,

I should have cared for you,

And thought about your feelings;

I am sorry baby,

I know,I hurt you,

Please forgive me,

I'll do anything for you,

You are so precious,

I don't want to lose your love,so true.

Have faith in me Jaan,

Just one more time sweetheart,

I promise I will care for you,

And never let you fall apart,

Hold me tight dear,

Trust me,just one more time,

I will,all your problems hear,

I will do all that i can,

To make you happy,

Make you feel special.

And I will put in sincere efforts,

For a better,changed me,

Just give me one last chance,


To admire you,

To respect you,

To be your friend & boyfriend,

To love you call that I can,

Right till the end...

My Mistake

I found this poem while surfing the net. It is written by some one by the name of Valeriela Quidara. I thank this unknown person for this wonderful poem. Its such an amazing poem that I had to put it up here...I could not have written anything different.

My Mistake

One day a long time ago

I made an awful mistake.

Why, I just don't know

but it's caused a lot of heartache.

I was so angry and so scared

I didn't know what to do.

Now you think that I never cared

and now I have lost you.

I don't know how I could hurt you so bad

I loved you with all of my heart.

Now we are both alone and sad

because I have torn us apart.

I wanted us to be together forever

and you always said that we would.

But we couldn't get past the stormy weather

I don't know why I ever thought we could.

I guess sometimes you want something so badly

that you would do anything to get it.

You never think things could turn out so sadly

never realizing someday you'll regret it.

I have never felt so empty inside

I can't go on without you.

I need you here in my life

please know what I say is true.

I am so sorry for all the pain I caused

I never meant to make you cry.

But you will forget about me before long

so please dry the tears from your eyes.

I want nothing more than to hold you forever

and tell you how sorry I am.

I want us to always be together

and go through this life hand in hand.

You were my lover and my best friend

you meant so much to me.

I never wanted this to come to an end

I never wanted you to leave.

I know it is my fault that you are gone

but even the "bad guys" need time to grieve.

I have dreaded this moment for so long

it hurts so bad and there's no relief.

I don't know what to do without you in my life

I feel so lost and alone.

I thought you'd always be by my side

I can't believe I was so wrong.

I wish that you could see into my soul

and realize how much I need you.

The amount of love I have; you'll never know

I wish there were something I could do.

There are no words to show you how I feel

and there are no words to show it was a mistake.

They say with time a broken heart will heal

but I don't know how much more pain I can take.

A request

"A Request"

Take me to your heart
Let me run through the fields of gold
With you
Let's watch the stars of the Night sky
In their full glory
Do the dance of love with me
Love me once again
Oh sweet love of mine
Show me how to live this life
Embracing each moment of time,
Let's see the sunrise
Let's see the sunset
Let's walk hand in hand by the beach
Let's once again introduce each other,
Like strangers unmet
Let us be lost...
In each others eyes
And make every moment
A wonderful surprise
For each other to cherish
A lifetime
Once again.....
Let us enjoy
With pleasant joy
Those little things that the world overlooks
Let's laugh at each others silly jokes
Let's share our sorrow and happiness
Make me adamant...
To love only you.
Let me make you feel special
Trust me once again
To be the best friend
You always desired from me
Laugh with me,Cry with me,
Let's hug baby,
Let's learn to Love...
Once again.....
Let's run and fly
To places far away from here
Where it's only you and me
And our love,
We'll hold it dear
Let's build a beautiful castle of panoramic beauty
Let's grow a garden
Full of roses lotus and a lily
A garden
Where the scent of love stays
Fresh and Young forever
Let's raise its every flower
With tender and care...And nurture....
Till they grow
To love like we do....
Let's love jaan....
Once again.
Let's feel the breeze blowing so gently
As we jump and play
Like a child
Free from any worry
Let's touch the morning dew
With fresh curiosity
Learning something new...
Let's love sweetheart(I am sorry)

Once again...
Hold me in your arms
Let me feel the warmth
Of your caring touch
Let us cry
on each other's shoulder
Let me lend you an ear baby
Whenever you need one
This time I will listen
I promise,feel certain
Shower me in abundance
With your heavenly love
Like before
Let us love
Like there's no tomorrow

A Humble Request baby
Please Love me...
Once Again.

The pains for Love I need to bear

What a tremendous bout of pain,

Limitless,are the pangs, I am experiencing,
With every passing moment,
More & More,
Am I suffering,
But I need to fight,
Till my last breath,
Till the last ounce of strength,
In my body,
Gives away,
To survive this turbulence,
For my tomorrow's happiness;
To stand tall & strong,
For the Love of my Life,
I need to sacrifice,
I have a duty towards her,
I can't fall down in her eyes,
Let me experience,
The pain,A 1000 needles give,
Let me salvage,
Bruises all over my body today
For her Love.
Let them all,come and fight with me,
Her Love will give me
The Courage,
The Honesty,
The Burning rage,
The Capability,
& The Will power,
Through all hardships to bear,
And come out winning,
As a better man,
Who she'll proudly assert,
To be her own.

That is why,
I would rather die,
Than give up.
For in her heart again,
I long to be,
All this pain,
Is nothing,
Compared to the joy,
When she'll be with me,
So I need to keep fighting,
Like a warrior possessed,
To win this battle,
To triumph in this test,
Of time,
To lay to rest,
All evil monsters,
All dreaded beasts,
Deep-rooted within me.

You could be mine

You could be mine,
We could fly away,
We could sing,
You could be mine,
We could wander aimlessly,
We could dance,from morning to evening,

You could be mine,
We will see the sun set together,
You could be mine,
We will see the sun rise again,together,
In the distant horizon;

You could be mine,
We could hold each other's hand,
And walk along this path of life,
In each other's wonderful company,

You could be mine,
I promise to love you,
Till a call from the divine,
I get,
You could be mine,
Till the sun does shine,

You could be mine,
Paint my life yellow,
Enjoy the rains with me,
Watch the colors of the rainbow,
And when the night does fall,
We could get cosy,
In each other's arms,
Trace the stars & the galaxy,
Across the skyline,
You could be mine;

And when the world turns away from you,
You could be mine,
When your sorrows are too much to bear all alone,
You could be mine,
When the tears don't stop,
You could be mine,
When this road is rocky,
You could be mine,
You could be mine,
When the winds of change are too strong.
And I could be yours,
As your friend,
Your constant companion,

You could be mine,
I will do anything,
To see you forever smiling,
To hear your voice,
To see that beautiful face,
All the time,
As I gaze into those deep,innocent eyes,
You could be mine,
In winter,In springtime,

You could be mine,
As I play my Guitar for,
Only you,
As I compose a new song,
As I rhyme & write,
You could be mine,
Embodying my every thought,
All the happines,ever sought,
My every expression,
My every emotion.

You could be mine,
Let me say a sorry,
For the times I hurt you,
You could be mine,
I want to love you all my life,
To right the wrongs,
I committed,
For all the times,
I have sinned,
You could be mine,
With all the Love,
This world has to offer.

P.S: As you may have observed, the rhyme varies a lot through the entire poem... It was an experimental thing i wanted to do and I hope it has turned out decent enough.

Take care.

Your Love is making me do wonderful things

A very special poem, something that is close to my heart.

Stretching myself,
To my fullest potential,
Pushing hard,
And beyond,
To do something special,
Your Love is making,
Me do wonderful things,
To step out without fear,
Without any bearings,
It gives me confidence,
And belive in me,
It's making me understand,
And by my opinion,
And conviction,
Firmly stand,
To stay rooted to the earth,
Yet reach for the sky.
It's helping me dwell within me,
To understand that spirtuality,
Is understanding yourself,
That faith in the divine,
Is the best thing one can do,
That,a part of my identity(entity),
Forever belongs to you;
Every moment,
I rejoice,
Every step,
I enjoy
And Reinvent,
Looking forward,
To the road ahead,
With a feeling,
Brand new & Refreshing,
Every morning,
With rejuvenated spirit,
I am awakening,
To the light of your love,
That Guides,
Creates, new opportunities,
Develops Rationality,
Gives Clarity,
To keep on loving you,
More & More,
With pleasant joy.
Truly, your love is making,
Me do wonderful things,
Beautiful things,
From a simple smile,
To having the courage,
To stand up for the right,
From exercising patience,
To letting all my thoughts unite,
To change myself,
For the better,
To explore, To reclaim,
My life,Braver,
To be the lover,
And the friend,
You always wanted me to be,
To be humble......
To say a sorry.
"I am sorry ABC."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Love me two times over

Love me,
Two times over,
Trust me,
Two times over,
Smile for me,
Two times over,
Have faith in me,
Two times over;

Let me show my love for you,
Two times over,
Care for you,
Two times over,
Ask you,"Are you Ok dear" "How was your day" ,
Two times over,
Let me trust you,
Two times over;

Let us hold hands,
Two times over,
Let us play like children,
Two times over,
Let us wander about places,
Like before,
Two times over,
Let us explore this world together,
Two times over;

Laugh for me,
Two times over,
Share with me,
Two times over,
Be my friend,
Two times over,
Stay close to me,
Two times over;

Let me be your friend,
Two times over,
Let me hear your voice,
I so die to hear,
Two times over,
Let me take you out,
On a long drive,
Two times over;
Let me forever make you smile,
Two times over;

Let us click a moment in time together,
Two times over,
Let us stand at the bus stop,
Two times over,
Let us eat an ice cream,
Again & Again(at Natural's),
Two times over,
Let us eat,
With each other's hands,
Two times over;

Give me one chance,
Two times over,
Understand I have changed,
Two times over,
Listen to me,
Two times over,
Hear me out,
Two times over,
Accept me babes,
Two times over,
Forgive me,
Two times over,
Be my strength,
Two times over,

Let me say a sorry to you,
Two times over,
Let me cry in front of you,
Two times over,
Let me love you all my life for the times I hurt you,
Two times over,
Let me have a chance to show my love for you,
Two times over,
Let me fight this world for you,
Two times over,
Let me stand by you,
Through thick & thin,
Two times over,
Let me be chained to you,
Two times over;

Let us say sweet nothings to each other,
Two times over,
Let us give each other,
The Love of a lifetime,
Each and Everyday,
Two times over,
Let us give each other,
An ocean of happiness,
Two times over,
Let us stay in each other's arms,
Two times over.

Love ya Jaan. Keep smiling.

Into the wilderness

Have a desire,
Have a wish,
Have a longing,
Have a hunger,
To begin,again.

Into the wilderness,
I wish to run,
Chase the winds,
And catch the sun,
That sets,
In the distant horizon,
And stand atop,
The highest mountain,
& In its silence listen,
To the voice of Heaven,
Into the wilderness,
I still want to keep running,
With a 1000 questions,
Curiosity brimming,
As to why,
Things are,
The way they are,
As to why,does the sea,
Always something whisper,
Why the woods,
Rustle with a sound,
Of Saudade,
Why the night,
Provides such warmth & cosiness,
In its loneliness,
And why the rainbow,
Always seems so beautiful,
So wonderful.
I want to,
Jump & splash,
In the rains,
Without Inhibitions,
The scent of a flower,
The nostalgia of a highway,
The voices of the forest,
The freedom of the birds,
As they fly away,
The fresh air of the morning sky,
The whiteness of the mountain snow,
The gentle fireplace of a cottage,
In a remote place,nobody would know;

Let me pass time,
As I laze the day away,
Without any botheration,
Sitting down idle
Or being a vagabond,
So casual,
As I marvel,
Nature has to offer,
From the smiling butterfly,
To the pearls of an oyster,
From the joyful sounds of the valley,
To the winding streets of Mexico,

.....Some place, I can stand & shout,
And crazily run,through the fields of gold,
With Euphoria,
With magical hysteria,
Before I get too old,

Into the wilderness,
I wish to run,
Face in the sun,
With a backpack,
A journey,
Just begun.....