Friday, October 9, 2009

Top Piano Songs

I compiled a list of some songs that sound nice on the piano

Hope you all like them to. You can find them all on Youtube. Happy Listening. :)

Mozart's Piano concerto in D minor

Dawn from movie Pride and Prejudice

Fur Elsie

Menuet in G Major: J.S. Bach

All of me Jon Schmidt(My favorite)

Bella's Lullaby Jon Scmidt

Trees Kieko Matsui

Like A wind by SENS

Winter Sonata : The following songs:
From The Beginning Untill Now
My memory(My favorite)

Lion King - In The End

Lettre à France, by Michel Polnareff

Hotel California eagles

Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

If I Could See You Again - Yiruma


Asience by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Piano Theme from the movie Final Fanatasy

comptine d'un autre été - yann tiersen

All is my Love Miranda Wong

Canon in D Major Pachelbel(My Favorite)

Rose’s Theme- Titanic

Kiss the Rain- Yiruma

Tum se hi Jab we met

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Multi purpose Ice creams

Cute moments are what we all love to have. Cute moments with our friends, cute moments with our pets, cute moments with family and cute moments with our better half. We all love these cute moments for, well… their cuteness, no doubt…. But it’s the child like feeling attached to these moments that makes them all the more special. As grown ups(so called), we generally tend to attach a lot of value to the adage, “think a lot before you act.” Sometimes, we think so much, that we really have no more thoughts left to think. And then we think, “ Why did I think so much in the first place? I would have been better off behaving a bit more like a child. That way, I would have been a lot more happier.” Alas, in this hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have lost that charm of being eternally child like. Try being like a child for a moment. Stop thinking so much about what’s gonna happen next. Trust your instincts for once. Then see the difference.

It was any other routine day for Jimmy and Gina. The college was over for the day and just to make it a little less routine than the usual, Jimmy decided to accompany Gina to her home. Not that he could drop her right at the door step but he could be there with her till the bus stop near her house. That way, they could spend a little more time together. (These two kids always used to try and find some way or the other to spend time with each other. Kids in love, you know). After alighting from the taxi, they made their way to the bus stop. Now, this bus stop, was still a bit far from Gina’s house so they could afford to stay together without worrying about somebody familiar noticing them(or so they thought). Also, just behind the bus stop was an outlet of a very famous global chain of Ice cream parlors. This chain is famous globally not only for the various varieties dished/scooped out but also for their various marketing strategies throughout the history of the chain; both these factors having made the chain the biggest in the world. Jimmy and Gina, both absolute suckers for ice creams, tried to hog as much as their stomach permitted them to. (For Ice creams especially, Jimmy has an insatiable appetite). That day, however, Gina was in a frugal mood. Of late, Jimmy had been spending a lot when they two used to be together. Jimmy justified it by saying that he hardly spend anything when he was not with her. But still, Gina took nothing of it. She told Jimmy that so much spending on her, when she is there or not, is not justified [Jimmy wanted to tell her, that she deserves all the riches and all the happiness this world has to offer and even more, somehow, he minced his words…again] and that today, there would be no ice cream. When Gina said something in a stern voice[she can hardly be stern, her voice is too soft to be that], Jimmy gave everything up hands down. So, he didn’t protest[Hell, who’s gonna protest in front of someone so cute and so beautiful !! ]. Now, everything was seeming normal. The evening traffic was fluctuating in tandem with the traffic lights nearby, the shops were having their peak sales for the day, a few auto rickshaws lined to pick up folks waiting for a little more than normal for the bus, people walking past, either in someone’s company or just in the company of their thoughts and Jimmy & Gina, lost in each other[Awwww… so cute !!!]. Jimmy, though, still had his mind on eating an Ice cream but he didn’t convey it to Gina, lest it would anger her. And he was really scared of angering her[Trust me, he really was]. But somehow, fate plays funny games. If you think strongly about something, you get that thing, whether you want it or not… How, read on…..

Jimmy’s parents had gone out somewhere for the day[he doesn’t remember where] and were gonna return home now. They had given him a call a little while earlier asking him about his whereabouts. He had just left his college then. Later on, when Jimmy was with Gina, they called back again. This time, they were the ones to first tell him where they were….. And guess what? They were at the traffic signal near the bus stop where Jimmy and Gina were sitting. From the distance, Jimmy saw that the vehicles coming their way and knew, their parents were in one of them. For a moment, he was stunned silent. His parents didn’t know about Gina[Hell, hardly anyone knew they were a couple. They had kept it all a secret…. An open book secret to be honest…. Cuz everyone had guessed they were a couple, though they vehemently denied it] and he hadn’t planned on letting them know anytime soon either. Jimmy’s mother, is like a mother eagle when it comes to her children. No matter what, or how many millions of people are there in a crowd, she can easily spot her babies. Jimmy very well knew this. Not that they would hang him or murder him or something, but if his parents saw them, it meant a lot of answering was to be done and Jimmy was in no mood for that. [ Later, much after the incident, Jimmy feels he could have said, we are friends, had some work, had to give books, college fest going on, etc etc… blah blah blah…. But would it really have helped, he thinks? ]. Strategically, there was an another shop just adjacent to the bus stop. It was a mortuary shop, whose punch line read, “ If you drop dead, drop in.” Jimmy for a moment did think of hiding in one of the caskets cuz he really felt numb enough for a second. But, running away leaving behind Gina, dazed and confused, would have been too cowardish. Neither could he be brave by just standing there. That was inviting death in a way and then he might as well have had to bury himself in one of those caskets. So, he decided on a less cowardish thing to do. His only resort, there, was the Ice cream parlor, inviting all wanna be ice cream eaters with a dazzling bill board. Without thinking any further[Jimmy’s instincts helped him yet again !! ] , he took Gina by the hand and told her to come along. Since Jimmy was still on the phone, Gina couldn’t make out much of the double conversations he was having. But nonetheless, there were no time for explanations and Jimmy’s somewhat hapless expressions conveyed something was not right. So he followed him and in they went, into the Ice cream shop. By now, Jimmy had kept the phone down and Gina was asking him what’s wrong. Jimmy, whose heart was beating a little faster than the usual, took some time to explain. In a couple of seconds, he saw his parents’ car go past them. The glass doors of the shop saved them[Glass, oh oh…. did my mom see me through the glass… I hope not, Jimmy thought]. Jimmy then told Gina about what just happened. Gina, a little confused still, too thought it was the right thing to do. But the manner in which they simply leaped, jumped and dashed into the shop, obviously caught everyone present’s eye. Thankfully for them though, the only eyes watching them were those of the sales boys present. “Good evening Sir, how may I help you? ”, said one of them. It became pretty obvious, that after the acrobatics they did and someone being so cordial with them, Jimmy and Gina had to buy themselves an ice cream. They simply couldn’t say, “Oh no man, we are just running away from my parents. Nothing big.” Reluctantly, but thankfully for Jimmy, Gina, too agreed. And Jimmy just can’t help splurging on Gina. They helped themselves to the choicest of ice creams available. There is something very cute about watching your girl eat ice cream. Like an absolute child, she is so engrossed in it, that it automatically becomes cute. And to Jimmy, ice cream or no ice cream, Gina looks cute forever.

P.S: There's an another moment of ice creams. It is the first time they had an ice cream together. It ll be put up soon.

Take care.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I pull, You pull, We Pull...

When you belive in something, nothing can stop you. The fire that burns within is strong enough to vanquish the strongest of oppositions. At that moment of glory, nothing and nobody can beat you. That is the power of self- belief.

One such occasion embraced Jimmy and his buddies a few years back. The annual college sports fests were on in full swing and the kids of the "ABC" dept, the one to which Jimmy belonged, were giving the rest of the depts a run for their money. From absolute nothingness up and until last year, they were rising from the ashes and winning almsot everything. Obviosuly, this lead to abc dept being at the top of the points table on day 4 of this 10 days long sporting extragavanza. And the next event to take place was "Tug of War." Though a very short event, it commanded a lot of hype and publicity. One reason for this was that ut an absolutely intense, high testosterone levels game. But more than that, as it was held in the centre area of the college, it commanded the maximum audience. The shouting, clammering, egging on transformed the place into a battlefield. Anyone present there would have been elevated to a new level of higher consciousness where only your instincts work. Jimmy and his friends, were no different.

The abc dept consisted of a bunch of average built guys who if you looked at, really didn't garner much excitement for a game like tug of war. They maybe would have given a tough fight but were simply not tough enough to win. And to add to that, since they were against the "XYZ" dept, they really didn't stand a chance. The xyz dept had been the outright winners for the past three years(year before that it was abc) and before that too, it was mostly xyz winning this event. Thus, it was an apt seeding done. The best against the worst in the first round. The outcome of this contest was a no brainers,everybody thought. The hefty, muscular xyz guys were gonna rought the poor, average abc kids in no time. [There is something inane about watching a helpless person being cornered even more. No matter how much we deny, we all love to feed on such situations. Watching someone being overpowered calls for a great sight for all of us. We are all really a bunch of saddists leaving in an optimistic world built on hope] The crowd too, expected that this thing was gonna get over before it started. And though abc had its fair share of supporters cheering them on,they too were sceptical of their team's chances today. Passion is a good thing but it really cannot help you win everytime, they felt..... So, with a resigned voice, they started to cheer them.

Things too,didn't take of well for Jimmy & Co.

A few days before, during one of the practice sessions, Jimmy had hurt his right foot’s sole. A stone had pierced into his leg, leaving behind a a large hole which was profousely bleeding. A few days on, now on the tug of war day, the wound had healed considerably but any tickle to it meant the freshness of the wound would expose its weakness again. Jimmy was the main stay of the cricket team and he couldn’t risk injuring himself any further. But fate always plans otherwise. J Jimmy was still limping. The wound pricked with every step that he took. Apart from this, the cement surface on which the competition was held had worn out and was piping hot cuz of the afternoon sun. If one had to give 100% in tug of war, one had to play bare foot. Playing bare foot gave way to a lot of permuations and combinations on how you could hurt yourself. And this all was too big a risk to take for Jimmy.

The total weight of the entire team was to not exceed 520 kgs. Miraclously, the hefty,well fed xyz guys totaled exactly 520. They all were weighing almost the same, with the Anchor(The person in the last to whom the rope is tied) being slightly heavier. On the other hand, Team ABC totaled 519 with Irvin and 520 with Jimmy. Team abc had gone with the strategy of a very heavy anchor and the most muscular person in the front, unlike the even distribution of weights by Team XYZ. They also decided upon keeping Jimmy in the reserve for the 2nd and 3rd rounds, this being a best of 3 event. So, Jimmy, weighing 66(back then) was in the reserves and Irvin, weighing 65 was in. Things were indeed this bad. They had fielded the best possible team from their dept. And with Jimmy injured, things were a bit less promising now. And true to everyone present’s expectations, the 1st round went to XYZ. Though ABC did put up a good fight, we all know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Irvin could hardly hold onto the rope. His breath gave away very easily. Before the heads of the team and its supporters dropped any further, Jimmy decided he had had enough. His instincts(those wonderful things) were working in over drive mode. And he simply said,” I am coming instead of Irvin.” He didn’t care if Irvin felt bad or what the heck. Irvin, too, knew what he had done and gladly stepped aside. And even the others. And even the others, couldn’t say a no to Jimmy. They simply never had said a no to him. In the ABC dept back then, what Jimmy said, was the final word. You never challenged it cuz you knew, Jimmy is thinking in the best interest of everybody. So from round 2, Jimmy jumped in. And alongwith him, the entire band of supporters too got psyched up; though they were still skeptical about their team’s chances. But nonetheless, they somehow got themselves too keep the hope. One of his friends had once(and still does) said to Jimmy, "Nothing's Impossible for you buddy. You can make anything happen. With you around, we are never short of inspiration." That friend,Vicky was in the crowd that day, cheering them on. And yes, so was Gina.[And yes, Jimmy remembers everything about how she was looking,feeling,what her eyes spoke,etc etc. stuff Jimmy always tends to remember from every moment he spent with her... Silly Jimmy!!! :) ]

The surface on which the competition was held had taken a severe beating. Wearing shoes meant you had lesser control on your feet movement. Being barefoot gave you the liberty to somehow fit your legs in the cracks and holes that had developed. You could easily constrict your feet and hold tight to the ground. With the shoes on, this thing couldn't be done. Many of them however,on both the teams, didn't desire to do so cuz going bare foot almost surely meant the skin of your sole getting burnt and scrathed and bruised. No one was willing to take that risk. They simply didn't feel it was a good return on their investments. All this while, Jimmy's instincts were working in the background and a voice from within was telling him,"Take the shoes out dude ! You know how slippery they are. Don't worry about the wound. It has healed up and won't be much of a bother." So, Jimmy, heeding his inner voice did so. Some were surprised at what he was doing but he convinced them all by saying, it's not that serious. The wound has healed now. Like I said before, Jimmy's word was final.

Jimmy has this distinctive style of wrapping the rope around his forearms. That way, he says, it gives him even more grip[though it shortened the length of their rope, which can be disatorous sometimes]. Jimmy had occupied the third position in the chain, standing there like the main connector between the people in front and those at the back. The whistle blew. The pulling began. Both the sides, were giving their absolute best. After a while, it seemed like the xyz guys were gonna win this one now with abc literally running out of steam. But like they say, the best things happen when you least expect them to. All of a sudden, there was a sudden surge from abc's side. From God alone knows where, they were able to pull the xyz guys towards them. They were simply not understanding from where this force was coming cuz they all had literally downed their efforts. Or so it seemed..... Somehow, inch by inch, they managed to pull their oppostion towards them and more importantly towards that all important middle line.... And it happened !!! Just Like that !!! Before, they could recover, the refree blew the whistle and said," Round goes to ABC." Everyone around, totally shocked and stunned was simply not able to do,say,feel anything for a moment. And then all of a sudden, the entire premise lets out a Huge roar. They simply couldn't belive their eyes. The ABC team went beserk, shouting,abusing, going absolutely crazy. They were returning the favor to the xyz folks now. A sense of belief filled them up and they now,once again switched sides for the third round. It was perhaps history in the making but it was still too early to tell. Jimmy, felt a slight throbbing in his injured leg at the exact spot where he was hurt but since he was not limping and since they had won a round, he felt, it was really nothing to worry about. Gina, though knew, something was wrong cuz she was perhaps the only one to notice in that entire frenzy and maddness, Jimmy as he was walking, was leaving little spots of blood behind.....

The teams now positioned themselves for the third round. Jimmy and the anchor,Sunny are absolute video game freaks. Jimmy owned a PSP and Sunny always wanted to play with one. Jimmy had promised him earlier that if he gave his 100% in the tug of war, he could have the PSP. Jimmy,not one to forget what he says easily, reminded Sunny of the PSP and the way he put the message across was nothing less than a coach inspiring his disciple to go for the kill. Many around found it funny, but Jimmy and Sunny, knew what they were doing. Jimmy remembers seeing in Sunny's eyes, the fire lit up when he reminded him about the PSP. Silly kids !! But they are mad about video games. Anyways, the refree now asked the teams to get ready now. Jimmy stationed at position three, kept reminding Sunny about the PSP, who was some 20 feet behind and the last(cuz he was the anchor). Something was telling Jimmy, Sunny was the only one who was gonna fight till the end in this round,even after he himself had given up. The whistle blew and the intensity was set into motion once again. This time, the noise from the crowd was much louder than before. There were now more people cheering ABC on. And the voices only kept getting louder with the second. The two teams, nothing short of committment, were also full of abusive words as well. It was the best way to stay focussed in the game. The tussle,too, this time was much more intense than previous occasions. Both teams were simply not ready to give up. The burly, xyz folks had a lot at stake. The average abc bloks,the underdogs, from simply nowhere, were churning out every bit of imaginagle and un imaginable strength they had. The pulling went on for more than a minute, the longest ever, and still, there was no sign of giving up from either side. But somehow, it was seeming just a bit too much for the average kids from abc to hold onto. The xyz kids were just too strong and after a minute of intense pulling,slowly, their strength was giving away.... Or so it seemed...... Jimmy, who was still giving the best he possibly could on three limbs, was the first to realize this weakening. And tug of war, though a team game, once you are in the motion, you simply cannot turn around and inspire others. The only one you can inspire is yourself. Without thinking anything further, Jimmy let out a very loud cry(I think, he actually abused) and pulled with all that he could(it was the last straw). And he kept on shouting, kepting on letting out a war cry all the while. He had learnt from his Martial Arts' practise days, that letting out a war cry would lower the flow of blood to the heart momentarily for the opposition. He was simply acting on all that his instincts were thinking[He was a slave of his thoughts at that moment... How he wishes it always is this way...]. There was no stopping him, he simply kept on developing a crescendo of his voice as he kept pulling. Jimmy didn't feel it, but later on, onlookers told him, that it seemed like he was the only one pulling from his team for those last 30 secs. And finally, the moment came for which everyone was waiting for.... The whistle blew again and the refree said,"ABC wins." This time, there was no momentary silence. The crowd erupted with a tremendously loud decible. The average kids had done the unthinkable, the impossible. The crowd had gone simply mad at the sight of this. Team ABC, too, had gone crazy. They were hugging each other,punching the air,banging their chests, lifting each other....all the great things men do when the win[The joy of winning is indeed amazing to say the least]. Jimmy, as soon as the whistle blew, fell down on his knees and let out the strongest of war cry till then. He too knew, they had done the impossible. He actually was unable to speak and so like all the others was simply shouting for a few seconds. When the initial excitment died down, the handshakes happened cuz a match like this generated respect for both the sides competing. Along with this, the waning of the initial excitment and noise made Jimmy realize(yes you guessed it right) that his left leg was throbbing very heavily. Jimmy shuddered now, he did not want to see what had happened down there... He was constantly looking for Gina in that crowd, to reassure him that everything is alright, but he had somehow lost her.... He was on his own there, helpless. Helpless I say cuz everyone was either too happy or too sad to bother about anything else. And sooner than later, Jimmy had to face the truth. A Bloody truth. What Jimmy saw, could have fainted any weak heart. The wound, due to the non stop beating and rubbing against the cement surface for the past five minutes or so, had exfoliated into a terrible blood dripping mess. The small stone particles infused deep into the skin were not helping much either. It was now starting to pain, rather Jimmy realized it was paining all this while. Thankfully for Jimmy, everyone around quickly noticed what was wrong and helped him to a place to sit. Andy, one of his good friends from back then was quick to get some anti septic and cotton and rub it over there. Everyone around was now a bit sombre to see what had happened to their hero. But still, Jimmy laughed it off and that eased things a bit. On one side of him was Andy and the other side was Gina. Andy was helping Jimmy wash the dirt and dust off the wound. Gina, who knew what was coming, simply couldn't hide her apprehension. It was all showing in her eyes. Like any concerned love would, she gently touched near the place of the wound to see how much damage had Jimmy's passion caused him. Seeing this Jimmy got angry. Angry cuz, he did not want Gina to touch that bloddy mess of his. She seeing it was more than enough. She shouldn't even see him in pain, he felt and here she was, so near to him,when he actually wanted her to stay away from it all cuz he didn't want her to see him in that state. He obviosuly got angry on her and Jimmy still remembers how quietly Gina took her hands back and just sat there, watching, motionless.....

P.S: The celebrations did not last long. Abc was accused of using some sort of unfair means to win the match. So a rematch was held. This time, the half depleted ABC team lost without a fight. They were too disraught to put up a fight. Xyz, proceeded to win the finals of tug of war even that year. Jimmy,obviously, couldn't participate again. It was not that he did not want to but he could not. Jimmy's late grand mother was counting her last and just the day after the tug of war match, Jimmy had to rush to meet her. This meant Jimmy was not gonna return for another seven days i.e until the last day of the fest. This decision proved decisive. ABC's performance in other disciplines also reduced. They simply didn't have that fire power left anymore to give it their all. Eventually, they slipped from their High's of being the top team till day 3 to being 3rd overall on the last day. However, What goes around,comes around. The next year, they were the Top team. :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The night before....

Love can make you do some really wonderful and some really strange things. With love by your side, you know you ll coast through easily. And when the thought does sink in, you realize. wow man !! how in the world did I just freaking do that. Okay, maybe I am exagerrating a bit here cuz Jimmy really didn't anything like lift a mountain 10000 tonnes in weight or stopped some fast moving locomotive or something even crazier like jump from 25 storeys and still come out unscathed. He, however, in his own silent special ways convyed it to Gina, how much he loves her.

Jimmy was always an enthusiast when it came to social activities in college. Always being one of the organizing committees he actively participated in all the college fests that came by, be it sports,cultural,social or technical or anything else. If there was a fest happening, Jimmy had to have a major part in it [both in success and failure :) ].Gina had organized a kind of a mega event during one of the fests in the college. The event comprised of a huge hall with a maze set in it in the form of a jungle. Though this was the brainchild of Gina, it was difficult for her to always supervise everything cuz she was stuck up in something or the other. So, she entrusted the designs, the layout and the idea as a whole to two of her friends, who she felt would do a decent enough job(And they two a damn superb job of things which I ll explain later on. For the moment, let's just know that their names are Shawn and Kris). Jimmy, who had done a similar event the precedding year but with a different theme was the obvious choice to be consented. He immediately liked the idea and jumped on the team to work with them two. Not much work could happen up until the last day before the fests started cuz the hall was always occupied for some reason or the other. Even if it wasn't, the college folks were simply not keen enough to lend it any before than that. Anyways, the last day before the fests and since not much work was done inside the hall(the other stuff necessary to set up was done) and Gina, was obviously, apprehensive. Though all three, Shawn, Kris and Jimmy comforted her that they ll do it by tonight, she was still a bit apprehensive. Not beacuse she doubted them. She considered all three to be super darlings!! but because there were too many "negative forces" she thought that there were conspiring against the event. Guys who find such stuff ridiculously funny, mocked at this thought(though later in the night, their asses were working overtime to get the thing into place !!) but nonethless, comforted her and told her to go home and relax. Gina somehow got convinced(maybe it was Jimmy's presence) and left for home soon after.

The three heads now got working. Even they were aware, that the "negative forces" thing was not a silly passing thought or some figmet of Gina's imagination... Things indeed had been tough and their event(though later the most successful) had any supporters. It all seemed just a bit too much to do for some people. The year before too, Jimmy was involved with a mega event in that same hall, and back then, too he faced a similar situation. Back then,they proved everybody wrong and made them all eat their words(ya!! Jimmy is a rebel !! He knows exactly what is the meaning of the word "Rebel") and this time too, they were gonna do exactly the same. [This time,though, things turned out to be even much better than the last time !! Beautiful, isn't it?] Anyways, the task at hand was not some everyday chore that a normal young adult would do. The task involved many things like: Shifting tables that were something like 30 feet long, 5 feet broad and weighed about a tonne. If that's not all, they also had to lift and topple them up on one above the other, as per the requirements of the Map of the maze. Then, they had to stich together various designs and patch some stuff up to get the maze to look more attractive. Then, they had to, walk and work in a huge pile of leaves, flowers, fruits,bushes, hay and a lot of other vegetation debry which was obviously stinking !!!!! But perhaps they were all too sweaty themselves to realize it. In all, there were some 15 of them who worked there that night.....all of them with absolute grit and determination. It was here that Jimmy found one of his best friends, Daniel. Though, Jimmy and Daniel were studying in the same class, they had hardly known each other. That day, when all his other friends turned their back on him, Jimmy found a friend in Daniel, who offered unconditional help to the event... Not cuz he wanted something out of it but simply cuz he loved doing it. Reason or no reason, Daniel was a great boost to all around and the fact that he is pretty muscular helped the cause a lot much more !!!!

Coming back to the event, above were not the only things that these kids had to face that day. Their college was huge and they had to fetch the heavy square stone blocks that were available only on the other side of the campus. The means of transportaion also, was a hand cart of the 1940's that made a lot of noise when dragged around. It was sort of scary at 1 am in the night. :) They had to make quite a few trips before they had enough stones. During these trips, if they found some fallen branch or coir or some heavy branch with a lot of leaves on it.... then they would take that along too !! They were buliding a marvel out of trash !!! If someone couldn't pick it up cuz his hands were already full, he would convey the exact location to someone else in the hall so he can go and pick it up. Also, apart from this, there was the obvious shortage of things that happened. Obviously, at 1 am in the night, you couldn't have any stores open. So they had to get some "Juggad" done. They all lived on a few fast food savory items and coke for the entire night while working round the clock. They all had their moments of ups and downs, laughters, agony, thrill,pleasure,pain and almost every emotion defined. For example, Jimmy was suffering from a major back problem at that time and lifting heavy weights wasa strict no no for him. But crazy that love is, he knew he had promised Gina that everything will be completed by morning. So, he did the best he could. In fact, the mad fellow was always at the lead for lifting,shifting benches going to take the stones buying the snacks, everything. He was the only experienced fellow there and he couldn't let Gina for that matter anyone of them present down. He had a point to prove. They all had a point to prove. They all were rebels!!!! Work progrressed steadily. Gina called Jimmy once before she went to sleep... her voice visibly tensed. Jimmy calmed her by saying,"Don't worry sweetheart... Take a good night's rest. Everything will be ready by tomorrow morning before the fests' inaugration." Gina, well aware of his back problem, told Jimmy to not push too much. Jimmy only said,"Anything for you sweetheart." A few more sweet things were exchanged and they kept the phone. At about 4am, the work now almost finished, everyone was enthusastically thinking about the things to come. They knew they had done a good job. Hell !!! They had done a superb job. 10 hours of non stop intensity had got them there, to that highest feeling of finsishing the job at hand. It's indeed an amazing feeling when you know the job at hand is done. One of them, Randy, hits upon a brain wave. He says that the tea shop at the station is open at this time of the night. Everyone enthusastically ushers in this idea for they all wanted this much deserved break. The college gates were however closed and the only way to get out and get in was jump over them and the walls. The walls of their college,which is itself a pre historic wonder, were shaking vigorously under their weights. Somehow though, they all climbed in and out unscathed. A pack of 15-20 people walking together at 4 am in the morning does bring for a very different sight. And the patrolling policemen soon noticed it. They caught up with them and inquired a few things. After a couple of minutes, they realized that this was just a bunch of poor little kids who didn't mean any harm. [Perhaps from our baby looking, pious faces, they felt we really were a bunch of good chaps. :) Appearances can be deceptive though.... :) ] Coming back to the hall, which was now totally transformed, they all realized that there was hardly any work left to do and a quick nap was the order of the day(or night). So after giving the finishing touches they all went off to sleep. Some slept on the leaves scattered on the grounds. Some near the flowers, some on the 1st tier benches, some on the 2nd tier(i.e toppled on one bench) while some on the 3rd tier(toppled on two other benches) and straight under the nose of the fan cuz that was where they max cooling effect was observed. Jimmy, always a goner for cosy spots, choose a really nice one for himself. It was the place between two 3rd tier benches and provided the perfect blend of cosiness and coolness. It was a very comfortable spot in its own rights and he,alongwith the others, took a short, but much needed rest.

P.S: The event was a huge success. More than 1000 people turned out over the span of the fest. Everyone simply couldn't stop praising at what was on display. The event had everything from swinging over ropes like a tarzan to findind a treasure chest to falling in a pit and everything you could imagine in a jungle. The sponsors of teh fest went beserk on seeing it. Shawn and Kris did not go home for two days. Shawn even forgot to brush his teeth during one of those days. Kris forgot to sleep. Jimmy, the rascal,was enjoying his time with Gina, who has super happy with the way things had turned out. Daniel, intentionally, took a back seat and watched everything with happiness and pride. Jimmy and Daniel became one of the best of friends after that. And to this day, they still are.

Jimmy, Gina and the Guitar.... That one special moment

There are times when you do(or in this case don't do) and you feel you had done differently... No regrets really... Just a touch of sadness for the way you acted in a certain situation despite repeated opportunities to set things right... That's what life is... pick up the pieces and move on... But there are always these moments when you wish you had been just a little more sensible, just a touch(maybe negilibily) more honest with your feelings, a little bit extra loving, a little more caring.... The permuations are endless... You may as well end up writing an entire page full of these adjectives and still feel something's amiss... To sum it up, you wish you had been just a little more expressive about your love for her(or him).Life gives subtle second chances,it's true, so subtle that if you are ridden with jealousy, ego, foolishness,weirdoness or some other expressions that aptly define your situation, you simply cannot notice them... Great people through history have faltered, you and I and Jimmy of course, are mere mortals. After everything is over, you feel, if only, if only, you had that one last chance, you know you are more than prepared with everything possible to not let this chance go begging. You would perhaps script one of the most beautiful stories in that one,special moment.... But somehow,you have to be patient for that one moment....(Remember, you always get second chances.... If your head is clear this time, you will realize it).Back then,however, things were a little different with Jimmy....

Jimmy always has had this strange passion for music. Strange cuz he simply cannot get enough of it. No matter how much you feed him with it, he stays insatiable. What is more strange is the fact that in almost every situation in his life, where he was down, Jimmy has found solace in only one place, Music. Music, in his opinion, is one place where one doesn't need to justify your expressions, feelings,emotions,body language or anything else. Music is something that comes naturally. And you don't have to justify to anyone for the music around you. This love for music transformed into a desire to be able to play it a few years back when Jimmy decided to learn the guitar full time(Though till a few months back,things over the years were anything but full time). He enrolled himself for one of the best known guitar players around(finding his number was a sheer stroke of luck Jimmy always thanks his stars for) and got started with things. Almost one and half years into his practise of the art, Jimmy had now become a decent guitarist. But for some strange foolish reasons which he himself cannot justify now, Jimmy never played the guitar in front of Gina(He had played it on a couple of occasions on the phone but never in person... Silly Jimmy !!!!). He was perhaps being just a bit too lathargic. And that can be really dangerous in Love !!! :) Somehow though, for some reason, Jimmy chanced upon this one opportunity. Again, it were his instincts at work that literally compelled him to get the guitar and play it for Gina.... To let her know that he was indeed pretty good at it and that the Guitar, being his girlfriend too, Gina now had some serious competition. :)

They both sat down at their usual "Ice-cream" place near her bus stop. They use to always sit in that one particular corner of that place everytime. Today, too, they both settled down there and Jimmy took his Guitar out. Gina, was expectedly silent, cuz she knew there was something special in store and it was wise(she is wise,very wise) to just stay quiet at that moment. Jimmy, was however, a liitle apprehensive, though it was in front of his love, he was like that only, mad fellow, always doing/feeling exactly opposite of what the situation demanded.... He's changed now though. He started with a few simple numbers from movies.... Gina, at the sound of music, couldn't help but smile in curiosity. She maybe wondered(Jimmy never asked), so this is how music is formed...but hey, I am still puzzled, how is music formed??? Her smile only broadened as Jimmy continued with his playing. Jimmy still remembers that moment. Jimmy, for a change, was not looking at him,but was looking at the instrument in his hand. She wondered maybe, the sound of music is so beautiful and my dear Jimmy knows so well, to play it. I am indeed lucky.......... Jimmy,too,while playing was observant of the fact that Gina was smiling in a very wonderful way....much much different than all her smiles he had seen before. Somehow he felt, she was liking what he was playing... The musings continued for another half hour or so. Though they both wanted this moment to last a little bit more, they had to discontinue cuz it was getting a bit late and Gina had to rush home....with so many things left unsaid....

Jimmy never played the guitar again for Gina. This was the first and the last time he ever did this special thing for her. It was that perfect moment in time for Jimmy when both his loves,Gina and Music(in that order) were with him. Such a moment never came again.... Today, though he is still learning the guitar, Jimmy is a much better guitarist than what he was on that day(Jimmy faintly remembers the date too). He is confident that he is now knowledgeale enough to play something different for Gina everyday, for the rest of their lives. That's what he is working on now.... They say, Music has the power to change this world.... The sound of Music can reach a place in the Universe many light years away... Jimmy knows this. :)
When you have nothing left but love,
You realize that,
Love is enough. :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The best handpicked videos..... Epilogue

Sometimes, things are worth the effort and the time you put in them.... Actually, they always are worth the effort and the time.... Searching up and finding these videos and listening to them was a wonderful experience... Each video has is distinctively different than the other.... I gave as much attention as possible to ensure this..... It was a very lengthy process......Lengthy cuz of finding the right sounding and of course, different sounding musical piece was indeed a bit tricky but some how, I managed to piece them all together[Like I always do..... It's an amazing collection I belive....and I think so will you.... Not that I am being vain's just that the music on display here is indeed wonderful.....atleast I have felt it to be so....your comments like I said before, on them,are always welcome :) ]

So, after almost 4 hours of effort, a very nice collection of beautiful musicals is put up here....
Enjoy !!! Take care!!! :)

P.S: Princess, once again,I dedicate these to you. :)

The best handpicked videos... Part 4

The best hanpicked videos.... Part 3

the above song"winter sonata" also has a piano and violion instrumental to it....i recommend you folks hear it too

What langauge it is I don't know but the it sounds super cute !!!! [Jimmy says, the voice sounds so like Gina's]

there indeed is a thing called "little miracles" in this world.... The Notebook is one of my most favorite movies and fix you by Coldplay is also one of my most favorite songs ever.... And guess what I stumbled upon this video which had both of them..... It indeed is amazing to know that this video existed in some part of the world all this while.... Super Uber Cool!!!!

The best handpicked videos... Part 2

The videos continue further into this post.... For the moment I want the front page to be filled with these wonderful videos....

The best handpicked videos....Part 1

Well... you guys really didn't have to wait for that long..... :) Handpicked after an intense,thorough almost 3 hours search have brought me down to these videos.... As mentioned before, they are mostly soft, soothing and relaxing stuff.... Some of the stuff down here is indeed amazing... Like the Winter Sonata song and the "Notebook + Fix you" combo.... They truly stand apart.... However, all of the below videos are indeed amazing to say the least and make for a very wonderful listen.... Princess, if you are reading this, hope you get well sooner when you hear them...

Comments always welcome. :)

The video I just put up, has given me the idea of putting up a few more videos with such gentle, soothing sounds... I ll compile them up as soon as possible. Till then....Enjoys and read up the remaining things here. :)

A really amazing video

I stumbled upon this video yesterday night and the sound of the music generated in confluence here is simply mesmerizing... Hope you all too like it like I have fallen in love with it... Whenever I am hearing this song, I imagine myself to be walking quietly on a remote beach somewhere in an another part of this world.... The waves are gently splashing onto the shore while the sun is liting up the horizon with an orange evening.... There is hardly a soul in sight...perhaps a few wanderes like me who all wished to be brought to this beautiful place..... Every sense of the air around me is filling me with an even more peaceful and an even calmer feeling.... I just want to stand there, watch the waves gently subside and rise again, the birds painting the sky with their presence and their voice, the sky so panaromic yet so within my reach, the sun on the horizon smiling gently on all the good folks present there[including me :)]. That my friend is the power of music. :)
Take care.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fields of Gold

This song by Sting is an absolute Masterpiece...The words, the music,the video, the entire feel of the song is a class apart... I am very sure when you have read the lyrics below will have a similar opinion... Do hear this song as soon as possible !!! It's one song you cannot simply cannot afford to miss.... Take care. :) Happy listening. :)

You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in fields of gold

So she took her love
For to gaze awhile
Upon the fields of barley
In his arms she fell as her hair came down
Among the fields of gold

Will you stay with me, will you be my love
Among the fields of barley
We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky
As we lie in fields of gold

See the west wind move like a lover so
Upon the fields of barley
Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth
Among the fields of gold
I never made promises lightly
And there have been some that I've broken
But I swear in the days still left
We'll walk in fields of gold
We'll walk in fields of gold

Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of barley
See the children run as the sun goes down
Among the fields of gold
You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in fields of gold
When we walked in fields of gold
When we walked in fields of gold

Sunday, September 13, 2009





The death that brought them together

Walking together, hand in hand, with your beloved at the end of the day, is a very special feeling. After the entire day's activities busting you out, spending these beautiful, intimate moments with your Love bring a heightened feeling of relaxation. One such evening, Jimmy and Gina, after their college got over, were doing exactly that..... Holding hands, talking to each other in the sweetest ways possible(especially Gina, she is one cutester..... Her voice is so innocent and child like) and making the way to the bus stop, as slowly as possible..... Jimmy though was somewhat quiet.... A bit eccentric, Jimmy was quiet at times when he should be speaking and speaking when he should keep his mouth absolutely shut.... That day,too was no different.... But still, Gina loved him nonetheless.... and loved this absolute mismatch of his.... Well, she loved absolutely almost everything of his.... But even for Jimmy himself, he was unusally quiet.... His instincts, perhaps one of the strongest of anyone around(trust me, when he gets instinctive, he can think,be or feel anything.... past,present or future). Jimmy was feeling that something in the air was not right... Something from someplace is coming near and this thing was definately not good.... Gina felt this unsual quietness of his cuz she thought that this was a time when he would speak(the mismatch factor) and asked him what was the matter.... Jimmy himself was not sure what was happening and before he could tell her arrived......
An open Jeep, filled with some 4-5 hotshot 20 something boys approached towards them from the opposite side of the lane..... Though the lane was narrow, they were shooting down at top acceleration..... Sensing of things coming ahead, Jimmy took Gina to the side so that the Jeep could past uninterrupted..... Sadly though for somebody else, the Jeep did interrupt, rather brought to halt its life.... A very small kitten, perhaps not more than a month old had strayed from its mother.... This little kitten totally unawares of what was coming across its way was crossing the lane..... Jimmy saw this and what was more startling of what Jimmy saw was the fact that on seeing this kitten, the Jeep's driver deliberately over sped... Perhaps no one other than Jimmy saw that at that moment that this was a deliberate action.... Only Jimmy knew...... But before anything could be done, it was too late.... The kitten's neck came crushing under the jeep's left tyre and its intestines gutted out in a flash.... This time, Jimmy wasn't the only one who saw this.... Much to Jimmy's heartache, Gina saw this[Jimmy just can't stand Gina getting upset for matter how small..... He'd rather give all his Life to see her happy than for anything else]. Gina's innocent heart couldn't take it.... On the sight of the kitten being run over, Gina clutched tightly to Jimmy, like today was the end of the world... The kitten, now with a twisted neck, left everyone around motionless for a second.....and that included even the kitten's mother.....who saw her child getting killed in front of her own eyes.... The kitten,still had some life in it.....wriggling,trying to speak[death can come so silently when you cannot speak],fighting it out till its last breath....and searching for his mother.... Gina was still holding tight to Jimmy.....Her eyes,obviously closed....The accident occurred at a time when they were the ones of all closest to the kitten..... Jimmy still could see, the kitten was fighting it out...It had been 30 very long secs and the kitten was still wanting to be alive.... It perhaps knew it was too young to leave this world and there was so much yet to explore..... For that one moment, no one can tell what overtook Jimmy's emotions and he let go off Gina and walked ahead silently towards the kitten.... Gina had absolutely no idea of what Jimmy was doing and she too stood motionless.... The kitten's mother was still there,watching her child,Jimmy saw..... He so felt, he could speak with her....Jimmy knows what it is to lose the one person you love so much....But try as he may, Jimmy couldn't....[But he did see, the mother's legs were shaking] So, he picked up the kitten..... Jimmy still remembers, the kitten was so small that it easily fit in when he picked it up with his hands..... Slightly bigger than both his palms put together.... The neck was twisted, the eyes fluttering and palpitating vigourously and it's internals all gutted out.... Gina viciously cried,"Jimmy NO!!!" But Jimmy just did not have the heart to let the kitten, now almost inanimate and lifeless to lie there, in the middle of the road.... The least he can do,he thought was take it to a corner, where it would not be disturbed till its remaining days.... So, he took it and placed it at one corner of the road, where there was some cardpaper already thrown.... He laid it there as gently as he possibly could.....but that was the best he could really do... He thought he could have done something else.....but Gina was standing there, very shocked and very scared.... Jimmy knew he had to become normal as fast as possible lest it affected Gina..... He went over to Gina and asked her,"You have water,? I want to wash my hands...." Gina, a bit taken aback by this sort of a response, took some time to gather herself. After he washed her hands though, Jimmy did not hold her hands or touch her again that day for the rest of the time they were together.... Jimmy doesn't know why he did it but he just did so[Perhaps it was the blood or perhaps it was plain guilt for not been able to do something to save the kitten]. He tried to change the topic and be a little more relaxed as if nothing had happened.... He wanted Gina to get over it as soon as possible... He just could not see her sad. Gina got back to normal pretty soon...But Jimmy could sense it in her actions that Gina,after that day, started loving him more...How, why and when it all exactly happened Jimmy still doesn't know.... But Gina, since that day, loved Jimmy from a different, much higher plane..... Their Love was destined to become truly great and an inspiration.......

until Jimmy made a mistake that made them fall apart......

P.S: This hypothetical situation is titled under the section "Special Moments" Post No.4
Take care. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Chocolate Fantasy story

ABC was a hotspot for both Jimmy & Gina...Very near to her bus stop too...they could hop in and hop out of it pretty it was possible for them to reach home early too(her parents demand she reach home early).It was pretty good place to hang out...Couples,working professionals,friends...everybody was there...but each lost in their own coffees. So both Jimmy and Gina very pretty sure people wouldn't bother glancing much at them(unless they knew them! :-) ]....So it was often place..where they had their occasional coffee sip, Jimmy,his frequent sandwiches and croissants and she of course...her favorite choclate fantasy(she had a few other favorites too...and all of them were chocolates...CF was her most favorite of them).Jimmy doesn't quite recall the date but he thinks it happened somewhere in the start of the second half of 2020...She,he says, if he is not mistaken...was wearing her orange n white patterns shirt and they were sitting in one corner in their own little world (underneath the LCD !)..There was a mirror...then a sofa...then a table of two and then their table of two...Jimmy ordered his veg. submarine sandwich(that thing costs the earth)and she her simplicty favorite...the chocolate fantasy with the chocolate sauce...Jimmy asked her why that always...she said its cuz its nice...simple sweet and of course cuz its chocolate !! It took quite sometime for it to come and Jimmy had finished his submarine pretty much by then...When it did come...there was nothing left of his submarine....... And spare me,says Jimmy, but the chocolate sauce was way way way too tempting... Jimmy[the hog] 's mouth started to water and he had to have a taste of it... Gina saw that and offered it to him...Of course there was that sweet nakhra from her side cuz they just had a small argument about chocolates and Jimmy was the antagonist in the conversation...But she cared way too much for him to hold it back for more than 30 secs and let him have it[THE BIGGEST MISTAKE!!!!]... Jimmy had a taste of it...There is something heavenly about the taste of the food you share with your loved just tastes so wonderful... and to add to it...the chocolate fantasy and the sauce tasted marvellous !! Jimmy was tempted to have it more....she saw it....this time though....she had realized that the CF was way too tasty to be parted with anymore... She told him that he ain't gonna get any of it cuz it was way too tasty and she wanted to have all of what was remaining now...Especially the choclate sauce...that's what she had ordered it for....she allowed him to have the pastry bread part...but the sauce was way too tempting to hold himself back....Jimmy picked up the spoon...she saw it and now had that fearsome warrior glare in her eyes.... She held his hand and warned him again(in her own sweet way of course) and now was finishing the CF at a blistering pace !! Especially the sauce....The child in Jimmy had to have it.....It was looking for the perfect opportunity to gulp whatever it could of it....That perfect moment came pretty soon....when she had put the spoon in her mouth...there was a part of the sauce that was dripping and it was dripping towards Jimmy side...He saw this....She saw this....and with one whoosh! Jimmy swiped a chunk of the sauce and put it in his mouth with no time to waste......She was about to hold his hand and prevent him from doing so...but the sauce in her mouth was melting so deliciously that she hardly could speak...(Words and body language they go hand in hand)...She was like Jimmy NO!!!.......but Jimmy had already gulped it down...All that was left on the plate was just some pastry and still some sauce dripping from it....too too tempting....All this happened in a matter of seconds....She at first stared at Jimmy...then angry...again sighed...calmed down...and now in a stern voice said,"You are not going to have anymore of my Chocolate fantasy !! I want to eat this and you are not going to bother me anymore!!!" Jimmy knew this time she really meant it... so the wise thing to do was to let her have it...She didn't speak much while she was having was obvious cuz she was definately angry on Jimmy for this childish behaviour(but Jimmy really couldn't help myself...the CF was way too tempting to give a miss)...but then after sometime...her anger cooled down...she was her usual self....caring, understanding,cute and sweet.... They then made their way to the bus stop...waiting for buses which always got delayed....letting them spend some more of such perfect memories with each other....

P.S: This hypothetical situation is under the section, "Special Moments" post no.3

Our day of Love....

Jimmy always had the habit of surprising Gina in every little cute way possible.... Though a kind of a recluse, he made an attempt to surprise Gina just to see that wonderful smile of hers.... Gina,on the contrary, was at times so overwhelmed with these loving gestures, that she really didn't know how to react.... She never had been loved so much by anyone before and Jimmy too, had never loved anyone so much before.... Love indeed was making them do many wonderful things for each other...... Slowly and gently, the innocence in their Love was blossoming.....
One such day, Jimmy defines it as ,"Our day of Love" when he truly expressed his love for Gina in whichever way he thought was perfect at that moment..... This day came at a very early stage in their relationship when perhaps holding hands was the only thing they did[Poor Gina.... Jimmy really had no clue how to react any different than that....]. Their college had just got over for the day and Gina left some 10-15 minutes earlier than Jimmy that day[Jimmy at his usual best,loitering around doing absolutely nothing!]. When she gave him a call, the realization dawned upon him that it was a bit too late to wait around anymore.... He still says, he doesn't know what made him say this but he told Gina to walk ahead and that he ll catch up with her at the bus stop..... Gina said a yes and Jimmy[who does his best when he thinks instinctively]hurried out and towards the place where he was to be.... When he hit the main road, he deliberately crossed it so that he and Gina would be on the two extremes of the road[and it being a highway, nobody paid much notice to what was going on on the other side]. Jimmy knew he had little or no time to do what he wanted and that it all depended solely on how much he backed himself. Then, taking a deep breath, Jimmy let his instincts take over him, and off he ran !! He did not see if anyone around him was noticing him or whether his sudden burst of energy had caught someone around unawares.... All he knew was that he had to run,as fast as his heart took him,even if it meant being the centre of attraction for all the wrong reasons.....He felt like he was pushing himself through a vortex of space and time and that at the other end of this tunnel, a bright glimmering furture awaited him..... While running he just looked over to the other side once.....and what he saw, motivated him even further.....Gina was lagging behind by umpteen km/hr.... At that moment, he knew his Love was invincible.....and it made him push even harder....His legs, his body,his breath were giving away but his heart wasn't.....He knew what he wanted and held onto that picture with unwavering faith.....Finally, when his heart told him to stop, he did so and crossed over to the other side.... Gina was still pretty far away[or Jimmy thought so,in this moment of utmost excitement and anticipation,many miles away].... This Jimmy felt, gave him enough time to relax and take a breather and speak something so romantic about what he just did that not just Gina but any girl would fall head over heels for him.... Sadly though for Jimmy, the moment came a bit too soon than he would have liked it to.... And before he could realize, Gina was standing right in front of him, obviously, very bemused, very confused and hoping for an explanation of some sort....Jimmy was the first to speak....." I thought of surprising you by running this entire length and coming here before you could" or something similar which sounded far from anything romantic.... At first, Gina was still a bit bemused and taken aback....but God alone knows what she saw in Jimmy's eyes that made her feel that for that moment she was indeed loved like crazy by somebody..... Though overwhelmed by such a silly,yet cute surprise, Gina pieced things together brillinatly and cutely said, "So sweet..... Come on, let's walk to the bus stop now." She held his hand and made him feel truly loved and appreciated for what he had just done for her.....Jimmy, still panting like a helpless hound being chased by a pack of wolves(or whatever),now felt totally at ease and relaxed the moment he felt her touch.... It was all now making sense to him... He knew, that she is the one person who will Love him, nonetheless,come what may..... The slight glisten in her eyes said it all.... She was indeed enjoying his company and the fact that this Love of theirs was indeed blosooming into something very special.... He realized, Gina will stand by his side through thick and thin and that with her by his side, he can do just about anything in this world....Such immense was the strength he felt from her touch....Though they had held hands before,this time it was different.... Jimmy was understanding the meaning of everything.... Her touch today, was indeed most special....The warmth and gentleness of her hands was making him feel so at home.... He really didn't care that he wasn't larger than life when he spoke about his "just-done" adventure.... She understood... And that's all that Jimmy cared for now..... Love was indeed surrounding him in every way possible...... If someone saw these two kids,madly & innocently in Love, they couldn't help but admire them for this Love of theirs....A Love so pure,innocent,cute,sweet and if you consider only Jimmy, slightly silly ! :)

Take care.

P.S: This hypothetical situation is included under the section "Special Moments" post No.2

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to be sunshine happy

I found this in a newspaper and had to share it.Below are the commandments to be sunshine happy:
1. Don't label situations or experiences as good or bad.
2. Empower yourself to be happy.
3. Look within for happiness.
4. Don't get affected by bad news.
5. Choose your emotions.Keep saying,"I choose to be happy."
6. Conserve your energy,don't let people sap it.
7. If you are hurt,don't be dependent on anyone else to heal.
8. Don't indulge in hurt.
9. Don't be imprisoned in your past or have self-pity.

Dear Gina

A letter by Jimmy to Gina....... [Here the situation is such that Jimmy,having just seen Gina's photograph is totally overwhelmed.... He takes a much needed break from his work and begins writing this letter down.....Words are eluding him but tears are overflowing....But the fierce kid that he is, he knows his Love is too strong to give up this easily...So somehow, he picks up the pen and starts writing literally blindly]

Dear Gina,

I try my best....You don't how much I have tried.... You tell me, forget me, go away from me, you don't love me anymore....that you and I are now never meant to be...... How can I Gina, how can I !! You know my entire life revolves around you. Everyday I wake up, the first thought that comes to my mind is yours... Your face is the first thing I remember in the morning.... No matter how hard I try, try try and try to erase it out of my system, I just cannot..... You are one person Gina my heart just doesn't wana give up on...... You are too precious to lose Gina.... Even you know it.... You are too precious for me.... I know I have acted like a fool, I know I have pushed you around, I know I have not understood you like the way I should have, I know I said crappy things, I know I got angry for no reason at times ..damn it I know I was an absolute idiot... Hit me damn it someone bloddy hit me !!! JUST HIT MY SILLY HEAD HARD !!! KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO ME !!! I am sorry Gina that I was such a bad boyfriend.. I am sorry I gave you all too many reasons to go away.... I know I acted weird...I am sorry Gina for that....But Gina, this Jimmy of yours, knows where we went wrong... He knows that his life revolves only around you... He is such a silly kid that he just does not want anyone else in his life but you Gina..... For all the things he did, he is trying to make up for it all by changing himself in every which way he can.... Unaware to you Gina, he is bending his back out to make himself worthy of you again..... He knows he has to prove himself thoroughly before he can say,"Please come back Gina to your Jimmy... Your Jimmy loves you like no other." He wants to say this to you Gina...Your Jimmy wants to say this to you.... Trust me, I will make myself worthy of you Gina.... I will, I promise.... But till then, please forgive me and please have faith in me.... You by my side,even your memory is enough for me to become that one Jimmy who truly deserves you.... Your Love is all that I have Gina....I love you too much Gina.... That's why sometimes this Love of mine overflowed and got converted into negative feelings like jealousy,anger and mistrust.... Now, I know Gina, what the meaning of true love is... Hang in there for me Gina... I will come good this time... I promise.

P.S: I dunno how I wrote this stuff down but I have to say this hypothetical situations are fun to dwell into and write about. :) Take care. :)

Special moments(Post 1)

Moments come, Moments go..... Some moments we wait an entire lifetime to happen.....Such special moments is what life is all about... Truly, apart from these few special moments, life pretty much is the same for all of us.... It is these true moments in time that seperate each one of us from all the rest.... Take for example this....Jimmy & Gina[Hypothetical characters] truest of friends till the end of time[Perhaps something more than that but they still have kept it hidden from each other].... Something happens, Jimmy & Gina fall apart.... His words have hurt her.....Gina goes away, Jimmy is just watching her.....watching her....keeps watching her go away....fading into the distant horizon.........and then suddenly, he decides to run behind her to say a sorry.... Sorry for being so silly, sorry for over reacting, sorry for not understanding her........... Jimmy does something he never did before....... Run like hell, run amok, run crazy....he just wants her back in his life...... His brain has stopped functioning for good and it's his heart guiding him now.... Somehow,someway or the other, he manages to reach her before it's too late(let's say she was about to enter her house and once she entered her room, Gina generally did not come out again for the day).... It was just a minute(maybe 30 secs)....that's how close Jimmy came to his life getting detonated.... But that day, the Universe was conspiring senselessly for Jimmy and he too, was having absolutely crazy faith in the Universe that day..... She came back to meet him at that fated crossroads..... As she came, he still remembers like yesterday, her eyes, the longing in her eyes, the trust in her eyes(that he had broken), the faith she had in him.....perhaps, the love...she had for him.... That moment, that special moment, Jimmy's heart knew, was the most defining moment ever.... The funny thing about these wonderful moments is, you may practise hell lot for it to be perfect, but the truth is, if you simply let go at that moment and rest everything in the Universe, the entire script gets written beautifully.... Like the Lord himself is writing it down as it is happening... It is that wonderful.....Coming back to Jimmy, he just bent over and said a sorry alongwith a few other words,very softly and gently.... Life never was the same for Jimmy and Gina after that day..... No longer did they hide their love for each other..... They shared the beautifulest of memories when they were together...... A love like the heavens themselves..... They simply had so much to share and now, they were no longer restricted by any fearful thoughts...... Now just imagine this, Much later into their relationship(a rare but real relationship of Love and Friendship together) Gina confesses to Jimmy, if he had not come to her that day, she would have left him for forever....... Now switch back a vertigo in your mind to that moment when Jimmy was standing,standing and standing while Gina was going away..... What if Jimmy had just stood there, doing nothing? I shudder to think that... If you have the guts and courage, think this otherwise situation....
This is just one example of a special moment defining our future days to come.... Maybe this hypothetical situation sounds real to some of you and maybe it is indeed real for some of you....

P.S: This is a special section of my blog where I will continue to post further such Special moments which shape our lives... Take care. :)

Also, if there's a need for a new special moment post that you guys wish to have, lemme know... SMS, Call, email,et. al. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Ice cream craze(in brief)

To me, Ice creams are more than just a thing to eat.... Summer,Winter, Autumn, Rains, Spring and some other season I don't know of, I ought to have an ice cream. Since a very young age, as long as i can remember, i recollect going with my family in Nagpur to have ice creams after our dinner and mom buying me an ice cream in the afternoons just after my school. I very vivdly remember the shops. :) That is like 16-17 years back..... Over the years too, when I couldn't get hold of ice creams properly when I was in Aarey Colony, a family pack always came by, whenever I had a strong urge to have ice creams. Those Aarey colony days, apart from the family packs, I used to live upon those "Choco-cones" from Chotta Kashmir. These choco cones were(and still are)a big hit with me whenever(if ever) i went for movies.... If I go out to any malls,even if I don't do/buy anything, an ice cream is always and always mandatory for me.... I simply cant get away from this one feitiesh of mine(and I don't want to either). Some of my best moments have been in the company of an ice cream... In fact, some of my relationships have had their founding stones laid with the help of ice creams(Sounds a bit weird I know...but people who matter know what I mean by this). That's how integral these frosty buddies have been to my existance. When I had my wisdom tooth extracted(before any wisdom was imparted to me), the docs advised me one thing.... Ice creams....lots of them.... I had teeth extraction five times in my life....everytime the pleasure of ice creams beat the pain of getting the tooth extracted by a long way off!! And yes, inspite of all these knock outs, I am super notorious at literally chewing and biting chunks of ice creams and eating them super fast if and when I have wished to. People find it scary but it's one talent I have developed over years of practise. :) The flavors i try to are very varied.....I love to venture into trying things which are difficult to spell. :) Of late, I am kind of hooked to feast ice creams.... Even when I was in Chennai, the feast and Arun Ice creans were a big hit with me.... I regret the fact that Kwality walls,though have kept the prices same for their ice creams, I have reduced the quantity they serve... It is very heartening for me to see and now I am seriously considering giving them a skip alltogether cuz there are as good as(and even better)ones at a much cheaper(or equal) rate....For my love for ice creams really has taken me to many places and try out many new things.... In fact, the shop "Gelato Gelato" at Dadar TT has some very very very special memories attached with it..... :) I,however, haven't been able to gift ice creams to anyone for an obvious reason that they melt. But still, my enthusiasm is always sky high when I see an ice cream in my hands.... People some times stare at the gullible,child like ways in which I eat ice creams. But that's ok... I am simply too engrossed in the work at hand.... :)

My Favorite Songs(Hindi)

List of my super favorite Hindi songs(in random order)

1. Tera Mujh say hai nata koi
2. Dil Se
3. Vande Mataram
4. Breathless
5. Tu Tu hai wahi
6. Bakhuda tumhi ho (Divya, my dear Divya, stop smiling now)
7. Tu meri dost hai
8. Ajnabi -Superstar
9. Yaadein- Roxein
10. Yaad- Ali Shahid
11. Delhi Destiny-99
12. Tujh mein Rab dikhta hai
13. Na jane kyon- Strings
14. Baatein kuch aankahein se -Metro
15. Sagar Jaisi Ankhon wali
16. Saalam-E-Ishq(soft version)
17. Hai Pyar Toh Musafir -Subha Mughdal
18. Duniya- Dev D
19. Sajania- Ali Zafar
20. Pal- KK
21. Moriya Re- Don
22. Dhan Te Nan- Kaminey
23. Ik Din aayega- Jal
24. Yakeen- Atif Aslam
25. Kuch is tarah- Atif Aslam
26. Yeh tumharein meri baatein- Rock On
27. Aaoge jab tum- Jab we met
28. Tum say he- Jab we met
29. Dil se
30. Aaj Din Chadeya-Love aaj kal (Lyrically, one of the best songs I have heard in any language)
31. Bulla ki jana- Rabbi [Not quite Hindi...but fits in nonetheless :) ]
32. Om Shanti Om- Karz
33. Kya hua tera wada(pav)
34. Hai apna dil toh awara(Super cool song....Love it a lots.)
35. Tujhsay Naraz Nahi Zindagi
36. Tum say milkey -Parinda
37. Ae kash k hum hosh mein
38. Yeh Dosti- Sholay
39. Soniyo[From the heart version] - Raaz 2
40. Khamaj- Fuzon
41. Tere Bina- Fuzon
42. Rang Dey Basanti Chola[from Legend on Bhagat Singh]
43. Tu Bin Bataye- RDB
44. Kahin toh- Jaane tu ya jaane na
45. Gustakh Dil- Dil Maange More
46. Pal Pal dil k pass
47. Choo kar mere maan ko
48. Piya- IMIK
49. Kaise ahi yeh rut- Dil Chata hai
50. Kandisa- Indian Ocean

Comments and addition to this list are most welcome. :) Take care. :)

Do a good deed

Are you feeling low today,

How about doing a good deed today?

Are you thinking what do next,

How about doing a good deed today?

Go out there in the world,

& Do a good deed today;

Feel the happiness & Love of the highest form,

As you do a good deed today,

Feel the graditude,

When you do a good deed today,

Know, you are blessed,

As you do a good deed today,

So many people need your help,

Do a good deed today,

So many, less fortunate than you,

Uplift them,

By doing them a good deed today,

You feed as hungry stomach,

As you do a good deed today,

Feed a hungry soul,

Do a good deed today,

Experience a unique feeling,

You'd wish to relive forever,

That is your good deed for today,

Attain spirituality,

Gain Knowledge,

When you do a good deed today,

Share someone's burden,

Ease their pain,

Hear them out,

& Do a good deed today,

Or How about laughter,ROARING laughter,

As a good deed for the day,

Understand the joy of giving,

That's your good deed for today,

Love yourself,

That's your good deed,for everday. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If I am dying today....

Being a Robin Sharma fan, I decided to put my own version of If I am dying today.... Robin Sharma Sir has emphasised greatly on this one feeling and he says it brings about the best in us....

P.S: Much of the below things are a stuff of my imagination.
Again, this is version 1.0 . I ll release a much,better version soon. :)

If I am dying today....

I love her endlessly,
I play my Guitar for her,
I thank my family,and say to them, "I Love you" a 100 times,
I'd say to my Love,"I Love you" a 100 times,
I meditate to free me of all my remaining stress,
& Through the day,
Worry Less and Less,
I drive my bike,
At top speed on an empty road,
Exercise my best,
Put my strength to test,
Write a poem, to thank everyone, especially her,
Read a book's few pages,
That inspire me more and more,

Understand and forgive,
Smile for everybody,
Feel Love in everything around me,
Generously give,
Laugh out Loud,
Entertain a crowd,
Share my Life with everybody,
Ask her to forgive me,
To compose music,
To sing along with my guitar,
To salute and pay tribute,
To my beautiful motherland,
I bungee-jump,
Fly a fighter plane,
Fire a Machine Gun,
Play Cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I paint a beautiful picture of my Love, That wonderful smile,
Give away all the knowledge I have,
Do Sudarshan Kriya and Padmasadhana,
Play the Electric Guitar,
Meet Joe Satriani and Robin Sharma,
I spend my last moments with my family,
Tell them, "I love them & I'll miss them."
Click their photograph,
& Then,one of the hardest things for me,
Meet my Love, One last time,
Embrace her in my Arms,
Hold her tight and keep smiling,
To just see her & see her and see her.....
As much as I can,
Click her photograph,
and Tell her, " I will always Love you sweetheart, Please forgive me."

One last prayer,
To thank the Lord Almighty,
For this beautiful gift of Life,
& Quietly, with a smile,
Go off to sleep.

101 Reasons why I love you...

This list is a bit different than the other lists I have put up so it's own unique ways.... By the title there doesn't seem anything much unique perhaps about it....but the uniqueness lies in the fact that I,one day,when I was in Chennai,simply out of the blue,decided to get down and start with this list. I thought to me, if I have to prepare such a list, let's do something different. That's when the idea of drawing hearts and writing a reason in each one of them came to my mind.... It sounded fun.... So I gave it a shot.... It was actually kinda tough going through it but somehow after 5 days, the entire thing was complete.... When I finished it, it really didn't seep into me what I had done and acheived until Pooja who first saw it commented on it. Though till then, I did felt some different kind of a vibe in me but just didn't know how to put into words. Pooja put into words perfectly for me,like she always does.....

P.S: I may put up a similar conventional type list soon. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

My Top 50 songs(English)

Since I am putting up lists after list,how can Music be left behind??

This is a list of my all time favorite songs. You can say it's a version 1.0 as this list will be further refined when I am reminded of my other favorite songs. Till then, Keep Smiling and yes, Keep Listening !!

I seriously recommend you all to listen to songs listed here. They are truly priceless.

P.S: The songs are in a random order. I rate them all equally[Though I may love one more than the other. :) ]

1. Woman - John Lennon

2. Crash into me- Dave Matthews Band

3. Let there be Love- Oasis

4. Wild World- Cat Stevens

5. Under the bridge- Red Hot Chilli Peppers(RHCP)

6. Lithium- Nirvana(God Bless!!!)

7. Thunderstruck- AC/DC

8. Free Bird- Lynard Skynard(I Love it like I love this blog)

9. Too much of anything- The WHO

10. Jealous Guy- John Lennon

11. Spitleaf- Zero

12. If I could fly- Joe Satriani Sir(Too Good!!)

13. Rubina's Blue sky Happiness- Joe Satriani Sir

14. Yesterdays- Switchfoot

15. Innocent Again- Switchfoot

16. 24- Switchfoot

17. Jesus of Subarbia- Green Day

18. Warning Sign- Coldplay

19. Yellow- Coldplay

20. Alive- Pearl Jam

21. November Rain- Guns N Roses

22. Wish you were here- Pink Flyod

23. Creep- Radiohead

24. Last Kiss- Pearl Jam

25. With or Without you- U2

26. All that matters- Mark Knofler

27. Fields of Gold- Sting( AWESOME AWESOME!!!)

28. Brown Eyed Girl- Green Day

29. Stand with me- Creed

30 Like a Stone- Audioslave

31. The most evolved- James Clarke(Video available on the post,"Spanish Guitar")

32. Love Re'ign O'ver me- The WHO

33. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman

34. Linger- The Cranberries

35. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen

36. I am not okay- My Chemical Romance

37. Everybody Hurts- REM(tHREE AWWESUM VIDEO!!)

38. I want to hold your hand- The Beatles(Simply Love this song!)

39. Can I hold you tonight?- Tracy Chapman

40. Words- Boyzone version

41. Bittersweet symphony- The Verve

42. Time of your Life- Green Day

43. Every Breath you take- Sting

44. Freedom- Jeff Wahl

45. Jealous Guy- John Lennon

46. Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional(DBC) [1 of my all time favs]

47. Gifts and Curses- Yellowcard. [1 of my all time favs]

48. Open Skies- Parikrama[3 good violin played]

49. Romeo & Juilet- Mark Knofler [Especially if you are a guy, I recommend this song over all the others]

50. When I see you smile- Firehouse

......And those who just missed the cut in version 1.0 .......

Slave to Love- Bryan Ferry

I'M Yours - Jason Marz ( I was tempted to put this song in the top 50 but it lost out to Song No.26)

O Saya- A R Rehman

Every Breath you take- Sting

Here is Gone- Goo Goo Dolls

Brothers in Arms- Mark Knofler

The Mystical Potato Groove head thing- Joe Satriani Sir

Coming back to life- Pink flyod

Wish you were here- Incubus

Take care.

Still keep smiling, still keep listening. :)