Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Multi purpose Ice creams

Cute moments are what we all love to have. Cute moments with our friends, cute moments with our pets, cute moments with family and cute moments with our better half. We all love these cute moments for, well… their cuteness, no doubt…. But it’s the child like feeling attached to these moments that makes them all the more special. As grown ups(so called), we generally tend to attach a lot of value to the adage, “think a lot before you act.” Sometimes, we think so much, that we really have no more thoughts left to think. And then we think, “ Why did I think so much in the first place? I would have been better off behaving a bit more like a child. That way, I would have been a lot more happier.” Alas, in this hustle and bustle of everyday life, we have lost that charm of being eternally child like. Try being like a child for a moment. Stop thinking so much about what’s gonna happen next. Trust your instincts for once. Then see the difference.

It was any other routine day for Jimmy and Gina. The college was over for the day and just to make it a little less routine than the usual, Jimmy decided to accompany Gina to her home. Not that he could drop her right at the door step but he could be there with her till the bus stop near her house. That way, they could spend a little more time together. (These two kids always used to try and find some way or the other to spend time with each other. Kids in love, you know). After alighting from the taxi, they made their way to the bus stop. Now, this bus stop, was still a bit far from Gina’s house so they could afford to stay together without worrying about somebody familiar noticing them(or so they thought). Also, just behind the bus stop was an outlet of a very famous global chain of Ice cream parlors. This chain is famous globally not only for the various varieties dished/scooped out but also for their various marketing strategies throughout the history of the chain; both these factors having made the chain the biggest in the world. Jimmy and Gina, both absolute suckers for ice creams, tried to hog as much as their stomach permitted them to. (For Ice creams especially, Jimmy has an insatiable appetite). That day, however, Gina was in a frugal mood. Of late, Jimmy had been spending a lot when they two used to be together. Jimmy justified it by saying that he hardly spend anything when he was not with her. But still, Gina took nothing of it. She told Jimmy that so much spending on her, when she is there or not, is not justified [Jimmy wanted to tell her, that she deserves all the riches and all the happiness this world has to offer and even more, somehow, he minced his words…again] and that today, there would be no ice cream. When Gina said something in a stern voice[she can hardly be stern, her voice is too soft to be that], Jimmy gave everything up hands down. So, he didn’t protest[Hell, who’s gonna protest in front of someone so cute and so beautiful !! ]. Now, everything was seeming normal. The evening traffic was fluctuating in tandem with the traffic lights nearby, the shops were having their peak sales for the day, a few auto rickshaws lined to pick up folks waiting for a little more than normal for the bus, people walking past, either in someone’s company or just in the company of their thoughts and Jimmy & Gina, lost in each other[Awwww… so cute !!!]. Jimmy, though, still had his mind on eating an Ice cream but he didn’t convey it to Gina, lest it would anger her. And he was really scared of angering her[Trust me, he really was]. But somehow, fate plays funny games. If you think strongly about something, you get that thing, whether you want it or not… How, read on…..

Jimmy’s parents had gone out somewhere for the day[he doesn’t remember where] and were gonna return home now. They had given him a call a little while earlier asking him about his whereabouts. He had just left his college then. Later on, when Jimmy was with Gina, they called back again. This time, they were the ones to first tell him where they were….. And guess what? They were at the traffic signal near the bus stop where Jimmy and Gina were sitting. From the distance, Jimmy saw that the vehicles coming their way and knew, their parents were in one of them. For a moment, he was stunned silent. His parents didn’t know about Gina[Hell, hardly anyone knew they were a couple. They had kept it all a secret…. An open book secret to be honest…. Cuz everyone had guessed they were a couple, though they vehemently denied it] and he hadn’t planned on letting them know anytime soon either. Jimmy’s mother, is like a mother eagle when it comes to her children. No matter what, or how many millions of people are there in a crowd, she can easily spot her babies. Jimmy very well knew this. Not that they would hang him or murder him or something, but if his parents saw them, it meant a lot of answering was to be done and Jimmy was in no mood for that. [ Later, much after the incident, Jimmy feels he could have said, we are friends, had some work, had to give books, college fest going on, etc etc… blah blah blah…. But would it really have helped, he thinks? ]. Strategically, there was an another shop just adjacent to the bus stop. It was a mortuary shop, whose punch line read, “ If you drop dead, drop in.” Jimmy for a moment did think of hiding in one of the caskets cuz he really felt numb enough for a second. But, running away leaving behind Gina, dazed and confused, would have been too cowardish. Neither could he be brave by just standing there. That was inviting death in a way and then he might as well have had to bury himself in one of those caskets. So, he decided on a less cowardish thing to do. His only resort, there, was the Ice cream parlor, inviting all wanna be ice cream eaters with a dazzling bill board. Without thinking any further[Jimmy’s instincts helped him yet again !! ] , he took Gina by the hand and told her to come along. Since Jimmy was still on the phone, Gina couldn’t make out much of the double conversations he was having. But nonetheless, there were no time for explanations and Jimmy’s somewhat hapless expressions conveyed something was not right. So he followed him and in they went, into the Ice cream shop. By now, Jimmy had kept the phone down and Gina was asking him what’s wrong. Jimmy, whose heart was beating a little faster than the usual, took some time to explain. In a couple of seconds, he saw his parents’ car go past them. The glass doors of the shop saved them[Glass, oh oh…. did my mom see me through the glass… I hope not, Jimmy thought]. Jimmy then told Gina about what just happened. Gina, a little confused still, too thought it was the right thing to do. But the manner in which they simply leaped, jumped and dashed into the shop, obviously caught everyone present’s eye. Thankfully for them though, the only eyes watching them were those of the sales boys present. “Good evening Sir, how may I help you? ”, said one of them. It became pretty obvious, that after the acrobatics they did and someone being so cordial with them, Jimmy and Gina had to buy themselves an ice cream. They simply couldn’t say, “Oh no man, we are just running away from my parents. Nothing big.” Reluctantly, but thankfully for Jimmy, Gina, too agreed. And Jimmy just can’t help splurging on Gina. They helped themselves to the choicest of ice creams available. There is something very cute about watching your girl eat ice cream. Like an absolute child, she is so engrossed in it, that it automatically becomes cute. And to Jimmy, ice cream or no ice cream, Gina looks cute forever.

P.S: There's an another moment of ice creams. It is the first time they had an ice cream together. It ll be put up soon.

Take care.

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  1. I thought, autorickshaws don't exist in your(oops..Jimmy's) part of the world..It's only taxis!